What Stick Does Mikko Rantanen Use?

We’re back with our latest pro gear spotlight, and this week we turned to you for inspiration. We always ask you to suggest your favorite players in the comment section, and recently we’ve seen a ton of asks for Mikko Rantanen of the Avs -- so without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Rantanen has been an instrumental part of Colorado’s success over the course of the past two seasons. For his 2018-19 campaign, he racked up a cool 31 goals and 56 assists, and so far in playoff hockey, he’s got an additional 5 goals and 6 assists to add to his stat line.

Add a 2019 All-Star game appearance into the mix, and it’s safe to say that this 22-year-old is hitting his stride. But as we know, every playmaker has a set of tools in his gear bag that help him get the job done. Here’s what Rantanen is rocking this year.

His stick is pretty interesting. Rantanen is using a Bauer 1S XL, but dressed as a 2S. The XL is a unique code that we’ve seen crop up on some of Bauer’s sticks the past couple of years. Essentially, Bauer has been experimenting with adding 1X lite technology into their other stick models, aka sticks from the Supreme and Nexus lines. XL stands for Extra Light -- so, think of the 1S XL as the 1S, but just a few grams lighter.

From what we can see, Rantanen’s using an 87 flex and a P106 curve -- a pattern that’s very close to the P92, but slightly modified.

He wheels around on a pair of Vapor 1X skates -- the 2017 edition. His protective set up includes a pair of CCM UCLP pants, CCM 11K gloves, and the CCMV08 helmet up top. He rocks an Oakley small pro half shield as well.

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