What Stick Does Kaapo Kakko Use?

Hey guys -- we’re back with a new spotlight, and this week we’re shifting our focus to one of the league’s most highly touted rookies. NHL fans are always excited to see how the league’s newest guys will do in their inaugural season, and this year, one of the most anticipated debuts belongs to an 18-year-old from Finland. New York Rangers fans rejoice, Kaapo Kakko is coming to the big apple.

Just earlier this year, we couldn’t believe that the NHL had players who were born in the year 2000. Well, Kakko was born in 2001 -- let that sink in for a second. The kid was sort of in the shadows heading into the 2019 Draft, as most of the attention was focused on Jack Hughes, who went first overall to the Devils. But don’t be mistaken; there was still plenty of buzz around Kakko, and any die-hard Ranger fan will tell you that they’re counting on him to lead the Blue Shirts into a new era.

So -- now that you’re all up to speed -- let’s see what we can learn about the young stud’s gear setup. The winger is coming off a stint with Finnish professional team HC TPS. While playing in Europe, we saw Kakko rocking mostly CCM gear. But, if you followed the Rangers training camp at all, you’ll notice he’s made the switch over to mostly Bauer products.

As of now, Kakko rocks 1N gloves and pants. To protect his young, developing mind, he wears the popular Re-Akt Pro bucket with an Oakley visor.

Another fun fact about Kakko: he was ranked the top European skater heading into the 2019 draft. To power his jets on the ice, he opts for a pair of 2S pro skates.

Lastly, his twig. From what we can see, Kakko is using a stock Bauer 2N with a P92 pattern. Kakko is 6’3”, making him one of the taller guys on the ice. If you look at his stick though, it’s surprisingly short for a guy his size. His flex is peculiar, too; he weighs 195 pounds, but uses a 67 flex. We’ll see how many sticks Kakko goes through this season.

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