What Stick Does Jamie Benn Use?

Everyone loves the class clown. For the Dallas Stars, that title belongs to none other than the kid from BC, Jamie Benn. If you’ve never seen any of his post-game interviews, or his behind the scenes antics, he’s a total riot.

Most recently, he chirped longtime NHL ref Wes McCauley for having a potty mouth. This guy has no shame.

What makes Benn a true gem though, is that he’s also one heck of a hockey player. He’s come a long way in his NHL career to become one of the most respected guys in the league. The Stars drafted him 129th overall back in 2007, but he didn’t make his NHL debut until the 2009-10 season. From there, he made his first All-Star appearance in 2012, and was named Dallas’ captain at the start of the 2013-14 season. He also has an Art Ross Trophy under his belt, earning the honor during his stellar 2014-15 campaign.

All in all, Benn’s a blend of personality and talent, and a local hero down in Dallas. Let’s take a look at the tools that help make him so successful on the ice.

First, a quick history lesson. Before Easton hockey went out of business, they were able to get Dallas to sign on to use their S9 helmet. It paid off for Easton, as a number of Stars are still wearing the S9 bucket, just with the Easton decals removed. Benn is one of those guys still rocking an S9.

For the rest of his protective gear, he wears Bauer APX2 pro gloves and Bauer’s old school One95 pants.

Moving on to his skates. When the Nexus 8000 skates came out, Bauer created two variations. The regular Nexus 8000 is a wider, stiffer skate. The Nexus 7000 is still a wide skate, but it has a V cut on the heel of the boot, reminiscent of the older Vapor X60 skates.

Benn wears the Nexus 7000 V cut fit, but dressed as Nexus 2N skates.

Lastly, his twig. See the O33 on his stick code? That indicates Benn is using an OG Bauer TotalOne stick, but he plays with it dressed as a 2S. The 95 in the code let’s us know he’s using a 95 flex. For his pattern, he opts for his namesake curve, the P90T. This style of curve features a long, flat blade, with a toe curve to round it out -- hence the T in P90T: it stands for toe.

At the time of this video, the Stars have just advanced to the second round of the playoffs. We’ll see how their series plays out against the Blues.

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