What Stick Does Brady Tkachuk Use?

This week, we’re spotlighting a former local, who played one college season for BU before heading to the NHL. In 2018, he was drafted fourth overall by the Senators. Any guesses who? Yep, we’re talking about Brady Tkachuk.

Tkachuk is only 19, making him one of 22 teenagers who saw action in the NHL this season. You often hear that the NHL is becoming more and more of a young man’s league, and Tkachuk is one of the players contributing to this new reputation. In his rookie campaign, the kid racked up 22 goals and 23 assists for a respectable first season. Even though Ottawa didn’t make the playoffs, fans are definitely excited to see what Tkachuk will continue to bring to the table next season.

So what’s helping this kid be so productive right off the bat? We’ll start with his twig. From what we’ve seen, Tkachuk uses a Nexus 1NXL wrapped as a 2N. If you watched our video on Rantanen last week, you’ll remember we discussed what “XL” stands for on a stick code. As a refresher, XL just means extra light. So his twig is fairly similar to a 1X Lite in terms of weight. He plays with a P92 pattern, and rocks an 87 flex. Tkachuk weighs just shy of 200 pounds, so his stick is pretty whippy for his size.

His skates are a little trickier. We actually haven’t seen these Vapors before, so our best guess is that he’s among one of the lucky guys who’s wearing a pair of unnamed, unreleased Vapor skates. For the rest of his setup, he rocks 1X Lite pants, and Nexus 2N gloves with custom red palms. Like many pros, he’s wearing the ever popular Bauer Reakt bucket, paired with a Bauer straight visor.

Tkachuk may not have gotten a chance to see any post-season action this year, but here in Boston the B’s are on to the next round. Not sure about you all, but we’ll be busy trying to soak up as much hockey as we can before the season officially ends.

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