What Stick Does Brad Marchand Use?

Hey guys -- we’re back this week to spotlight another player from this year’s Stanley Cup matchup. In our last video, we profiled Ryan O’Reilly from the Blues, so this week, we’re paying some respect to the losing team -- our hometown Bruins. We’ve seen a ton of requests for us to do a video on longtime Bruins winger, Brad Marchand. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Marchand has been a Boston guy since 2006, when he was drafted 71st overall by the Bruins. He made his official NHL debut in 2009, and has been a key player for Boston for the past decade -- when he manages to avoid taking stupid penalties. Marchand really came into his own during the 2011 season, when he helped lead the Bruins to a Stanley Cup victory.

Despite being one of the league’s top guys, Marchand is perhaps best known for being an absolute pest.

And need we remind you about his...licking habit?

Anyway, moving on to his gear set up. Marchand’s a Warrior guy, and from what we’ve seen he’s using an Alpha DX, Warrior’s all-new twig in the Alpha line that’s still not available to the public. Marchand rocks a 95 flex and a W03 curve, commonly known as the Sakic curve. Pretty straight forward stuff.

His gloves, on the other hand, are a little wonky. He wears AX1 gloves, but peep the cuff. Marchand doesn’t seem to be a fan of how snug these gloves are, so he makes a cut on the front and backhand of his gloves to give him some extra wiggle room.

Up top, he protects his head with an AlphaONE Pro, combined with a Bauer short cut visor. Down below, Marchand opts for a pair of QRL pants and Bauer 2S skates. Remember, Warrior doesn’t make skates, so Marchand strays from his sponsor for his wheels.

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