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How To Bake Hockey Skates

If you’ve never heard of baking skates before, you’re probably a little confused. No, we’re not talking about serving up your sweaty skates for dinner. Baking skates is actually a proven method that many pros use to help reduce the break-in period of their new skates.

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Can I Bake My Hockey Skates?

Before considering baking your skates, it’s crucial to know what level of skate you have. Mid-to-high end skates are generally best suited for baking, while lower-end, beginner skates will actually slowly deteriorate from the high temperatures of an oven. Nobody wants to see a melted skate all over their oven, so best to err on the side of caution before you try this.

Baking Skates

If you’ve got a pair of higher-end skates and are eager to break them in, most pros recommend throwing them in the oven for a bit. Here at SidelineSwap, we usually direct customers to their local pro shop for any heat-oriented break-in process. That way, you’re not left with melted skates and a burnt down house.

Other Tips

Hairdryers can also be used to break in stiff skates.

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