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What's the Best Golf Driver?

by Derek Worlow

Every year golf manufacturers flood the market with the latest technology in drivers, leaving the amateur to discover what works best for them. Cutting through the noise, we have narrowed the list of the best drivers in golf to five choices that would be welcome in any golfer’s bag.

Titleist 917D2


The company responsible for the best golf ball on the market (the Pro V1) also makes a fantastic driver in the 917D2. This classic driver gives the amateur golfer a choice of several different degrees of loft on the club face. In addition, Titleist’s SureFit CG technology allows the golfer to place weights in the club head to set the club up for either a draw or a fade shot.

The 917D2 has 16 different loft-and-lie settings that offer 116 ball-flight options. Promoting a forgiving sweet spot, this driver is for all skill levels and packs a punch on the tee box.

Callaway Rogue


This sleek powerhouse club from Callaway is a driver that golfers can swing with confidence, as the Rogue is one of the most forgiving clubs ever manufactured by Callaway. With their patented “jailbreak” technology, Callaway has designed a club head for the Rogue that’s 25% lighter, which provides increased speed and distance on your drive.

Two titanium bars run down the center of the Rogue’s sole for added stability when the club head makes contact with the ball. The driver comes in multiple versions, including an option specifically designed for golfers looking to get a draw off the tee.

Ping G400


With an emphasis on creating a forgiving club face, Ping redesigned its classic driver and came up with the G400 model. With four versions of the G400 to choose from, Ping’s top-shelf driver has been created to aid any problem a golfer may experience on the tee, from correcting slices to reducing spin on the golf ball.

The unique shape of the club head reduces drag for optimum swing speed promoting maximum distance off the tee box. The G400 has been re-weighted with tungsten in the sole to keep the club low and centered when striking the golf ball.

TaylorMade M3


If you are a golfer who loves to tinker with your swing, then the TaylorMade M3 is the driver for you. With the astonishing ability to create nearly 13,000 different variations of the M3, you can alter the driver for any type of shot that the course demands.

The M3 is lighter than previous models of the M-series for a boost to any golfer’s long game. One of the coolest features of the M3 is the twisted face design, which has a slight curve in the clubface to help keep shots straight while providing increased accuracy.

Cobra King F8


The King F8 from Cobra is a driver for the long-bomber. The F8’s titanium clubface transfers tremendous energy to the golf ball for extended distance off the tee. The minimal configuration by Cobra has created a driver that encourages fast, powerful swings that result in long, accurate drives down the fairway.

The King F8’s hosel has an adjustable feature that allows you to rotate between three different degrees to create the perfect launch angle on each drive. Movable weights in the sole of the F8 add to the club’s flexibility, and help mitigate any nagging slice.

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