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Best Hockey Skates of 2019

While hockey skates may seem all alike from a passing glance, the market for them today is as saturated as ever. Here are the skates that we’ve seen have success on our hockey platform this year.

1. CCM Jetspeed FT1

The Jetspeeds, to no surprise, are all about speed. They feature a one-piece boot that is the lightest skate structure under the Jetspeed line to date.

2. Bauer Vapor 1X

Bauer’s Vapor line has been a cornerstone of the hockey skate market for years. The Vapor 1X is the latest variation of this storied skate. Known for its comfortable, lightweight composition, and superior feel on the ice, the Vapor 1X is designed to keep your foot locked in place so that you can be as explosive as possible.

3. CCM Super Tacks AS1

Pound for pound, the CCM Super Tacks AS1 skate may just be the most popular and effective skate from CCM. The best word to describe the AS1 is “power.” The Speedblade Black blade is a newly engineered blade that has a high resistance to corrosion and retains a longer edge life. The custom 3D-molded boot, in particular, has become a favorite feature for many players today in addition to the newly innovated carbon layering pattern on the boot that deals out increased responsiveness and durability.

4. Bauer Supreme 2S

Supreme 2S skates offer a pro-level fit with top-level stiffness and responsiveness. The new reflex tongue and Free Flex tendon guard allow for greater range of motion on the ice compared to many conventional skates.

5. Bauer Vapor X500

Bauer claims that their Vapor X500 skates are some of the most supportive skates available on the market. They’re also super comfortable, with a one-piece injected heel and ankle core in addition to Bauer’s Trueform tech PU lining on the interior.

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