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Best Hockey Pants of 2018

While hockey pants aren’t always the most talked about item in a player’s bag, no gear setup is complete without them. Not sure where to start when picking out your next pair? Here are some tips from our pros.

1.) CCM JetSpeed

If you're rocking the CCM JetSpeed FT390s, you can rest assured that your legs will be protected to the highest degree. With extra-thick, medium density foam in the kidney, hip, and lower back areas -- plus a floating spine guard -- the JetSpeeds feel ultra protective while being light as a feather. Still feeling hot? Just pull down the zippers on either the hip, thigh, or kidney caps. No need to worry about overheating on the ice.

2.) Bauer Vapor 1X

Bauer’s top line, Vapor 1x pads are a great option for any elite-level player. They utilize patented HyperLight HD Foam, which repels any sweat or moisture on both the thigh guards and kidney pads. On the hips, Bauer went with Aero Light 2.0 Foam, which is lightweight but just as protective as anything else on the market.

3.) CCM Tacks 7092

CCM Tacks are legit. They made one of the most customizable pairs of leg pads out there, and feature D30 light foam padding around the hips and lower spine.

4.) Warrior QRE

Warrior knocked it out of the park on the QRE’s when it comes to mobility. With a minimalistic design, they’re sleek, but not flimsy. Warrior’s AxyFlex technology ensures that your pads aren’t moving separately from your body.

5.) Bauer Supreme 1S

The Supreme 1S’ provide a top notch, natural fit, while still giving you the protection of full pants. If you’re a fan of the Supreme line, this is a great choice. Bauer took the classic features of the former Supreme pants -- like their reliable fit -- and added PowerLite technology, FleXorb smart foam and Curv composite to make this model the lightest, most protective pant from the Supreme line to date.

6.) Bauer Vapor X800

Looking for solid protection at a lower price? Bauer’s Vapor X800s are a great option to consider. With Hyperlight HD Foam on the spine guard and thick-medium density foam on the kidney, hip, and tailbone guards, the X800’s are plenty protective, but not overbearing.

7.) Warrior Covert

The Coverts are another great choice for anyone who prefers a more tailored, pro-style fit. Our pro’s favorite feature is the pant’s gusset that allows for a one inch leg extension when you put your skates on.

8.) Bauer NSX

Shopping for your first pair of pants? The NSXs are our pro’s preferred choice for any beginner looking to find their style of pants on the ice. They feature a mix of plastic-insert guards and medium density foam, which provide a solid fit without compromising a player’s breathability on the ice.

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