Please review these guidelines to see if your used sports gear qualifies for trade-in.

General Guidelines

  • Items must be in good working condition and must show no signs of damage or abuse. Items must be clean and free from mold, mildew, and dirt.
  • Items should be no older than 5 years old.
  • Items must be the property of the person trading-in.
  • Items should generally have cost at least $100 or more when new. Items that
    sold for <$100 when new, generally have little to no residual value when used.
  • Items should be from the top main brands by sport. Knock-offs, generic-store brands, & counterfeits are not acceptable.

Here are the main items we are looking to take in-trade:

  • Golf clubs (Drivers, fairway woods/hybrids, iron sets, wedges, & putters) - clubs cannot have dents, cracks, deep scratches in paint, rust, or broken shafts. Iron sets must have at least 5 consecutive irons including a PW.
  • Exercise bikes, treadmills, weight benches, dumbbells, weights, & bars - equipment must have all parts and everything must work. If there are electronics,they must work and have batteries. Cast iron or rubber coated dumbbells and weight plates must have no rust.
  • Hockey skates - tongues & eyelets must be intact and not ripped. Blade holder must not be cracked. Blade must have at least ½” left on it.
  • Hockey Gloves - no rips or tears.
  • Hockey Helmets - no cracks & meets current certification.
  • Hockey Protective - no rips or tears and all straps must be intact.
  • Hockey sticks - no cracks in the shaft or blade.
  • Hockey bags - no rips and zippers must work.
  • Figure Skates - tongues & eyelets must be intact and not ripped. Blade must have at least ½” left on it.
  • Adult bikes - must be in 100% working condition. Any age of bike will be accepted as long as it is in 100% working condition. Kids bikes not accepted.
  • Baseball and Softball bats - must meet current certification BBCOR, USSSA, USA, ASA. Bats must not be dented or cracked and grip must be in good
  • Snowboards and snowboard gear - snowboards must have bindings. No
    cracks. Boots must be under size 2 or size 8 or larger.
  • Skis and ski gear - must have indemnified bindings. No cracks. Boots must be under size 2 or size 7 or larger.
  • Leather Baseball gloves - laces & webbing must be intact.
  • Racquet sports - must be strung. No cracks in the frame.
  • Disc golf - discs, bags and baskets in good condition.
  • Lacrosse - no cracks in heads & sticks must be intact with no cracks or dents. Helmets must be free of cracks & meet current certification. Gloves must free of rips or tears.
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