How to Avoid a Canceled Swap

You'll notice that "Refund Rate" is now a primary statistic on your Seller Dashboard. The lower your refund rate, the more likely you'll be to make sales going forward.

The best way to keep a low refund rate is to keep your inventory up to date. The next best way is to find your buyers suitable alternatives in the event that the sold item is no longer available.

Maybe you have the same item in a different color or a slightly higher (or lower) quality option. It's always best to ask before canceling! Check out the example below and try it out the next time your sold item is out of stock:

(Now that’s customer service!)

As a reminder, canceled swaps automatically generate negative feedback for a seller, not to mention lead to a very disappointing buying experience. If you’re offering an item of slightly higher value and the buyer has agreed to pay more for the replacement, just reach out to SidelineSwap support to make the adjustment. If you’re offering an item of lower value, or you’re just looking to provide an exceptional buying experience, don’t forget you can partially refund the buyer directly from the swap page!

Canceling a swap should always be a last resort. Do what you can to save the sale, and don’t hesitate to reach out to SidelineSwap support if you have any questions.

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