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Best Hockey Skates 2018

Shopping for a new pair of skates isn’t always as easy as you might imagine. There’s practically hundreds of new models and brands available today. If you’re just starting off your hockey career and aren’t quite sure where to start, the good news is you aren’t alone. Here’s how our pros rank what’s available on the market today.

1. CCM Ribcor 50K

CCM’s Ribcor 50K skates have made a big showing at the professional level this year. Our own pros here at SidelineSwap agree -- these Ribcor’s are legit.

If you’re looking for a skate that you can count on to be as high performing as possible but also durable enough to last more than one season, this is the pair you’re looking for. In terms of strength, a pair of these can last for years, even when taking shots off your feet. The all black, stealthy exterior aesthetic plus all black stainless steel runners is just about as stylish as you can get. The newly improved pump, lace lock, and EPP foam walls on the interior of the boot are the finishing touches on a skate that not only ensures you reach your highest level of performance, but that your feet are comfy throughout.

2. Bauer 1S

There’s always something to be said about a reliable pair of skates. The Bauer Supreme 1S’ are just that; the type of skate you can count on any type of day. Sometimes, it’s not about style, but simply how well a skate can get the job done for 60 minutes.

Our pros love the 1S’ not only because they offer unmatched protection, but because they’re also extremely customizable as far as fit goes. In the oven, a pair of these bakes like a fresh chocolate chip cookie.

3. CCM Super Tacks

CCM picked up right where they left off in 2016 with the original one piece Super Tack boot when they released the newly improved Super Tacks AS1. This time around, though, the AS1’s are even quicker. With CCM’s infamous MonoFrame 360, high energy transfer technology installed in the boot, you’ll feel the speed of the skate right from your first take off on the ice.

Our pros loved, in particular, the re-designed toe cap and double-stitched eyelet holes. If you’re a power player, go with a solid pair of power skates like these.

4. Bauer Nexus 1N

The Nexus 1N is one of the most comfortable skates on the market today. Lots of pros have been switching over to this skate recently for its reputation as one of the most comfortable skates available today.

So what makes the Nexus 1N’s so nice? Although it’s essentially a traditional fit inside, the skate has several high-tech components inserted in its interior including 3D lasted thermoform on the quarter panels, quick mold insoles, and memory foam ankle pads that make it traditional, fit-wise, but as comfy as any new-styled skate you’ll find today.

5. CCM Jetspeed

CCM’s Jetspeed FT1 skates are another solid choice for anyone looking for a skate that feels truly connected with the ice. With hyper polished stainless steel blade runners, the Jetspeeds are ready to rip whenever you need to ramp your speed up to the next level. Add CCM’s 360-degree contact one-piece boot to the mix and you can rest assured that you won’t be losing any power from the holder to the ice.

6. Bauer Nexus N7000

Bauer Nexus N7000 skates may be the best bang for your buck on the market today. They have a classic fit, lightweight construction, and have strong ankle support up top. Not a fan of classic fits? These skates may not be for you. Looking for one of the best all around value, high performance skates? This is one of your best options.

7. Easton Mako

The Easton Mako II’s are like knives in the corners of the rink. That’s largely due to the fact that these are just about as flexible a skate as you can find today. They have top-notch turning and cornering ability and remain ultra protective when handling shots. Definitely a solid pickup if you’re not a fan of stiff skates.

8. Bauer Vapor X700

If you’re the type of player that prefers a tight fitting skate, the Vapor x700’s are a great match. With a lightweight boot made of Pro Level Tech Mesh Nylon, the X700’s are maneuverable, but fast when it counts.

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