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The 6 Best Outfield Baseball Gloves For 2023


The 6 Best Outfield Baseball Gloves For 2023

As an outfielder, there are a lot of different gloves to choose from when shopping for a baseball glove so it can definitely be a bit overwhelming. That said, we've gone ahead and compiled a list of the 6 best outfielder baseball gloves for 2023.

6. Rawlings Player Preferred

Starting off at number 6 is the Rawlings Player Preferred.

The Player Preferred is designed for outfielders and is built to give you the supreme confidence to play your best game every day. Inspired by feedback from players and coaches, the Player Preferred lives up to its name. Rawlings has redesigned this classic outfielders glove with an all-new zero shock palm pad for game-winning comfort and a full-grain oiled shell leather that provides a quicker break-in.

5. Mizuno MVP Prime

Coming in at number 5 we've got Mizuno's MVP Prime.

The MVP Prime is a glove that features a pro-caliber pattern to fit the natural shape of your hand for increased comfort and performance. Expertly crafted with a PlusGrip thumb for increased comfort together with Bio Soft leather for firm control, the MVP Prime is engineered to provide outfielders with all of Mizuno's latest in a long line of game-winning technologies.

4. Rawlings R9

Next up is a glove precisely designed for players who want impact reduction and a more traditional feel: the Rawlings R9.

This glove is specially designed to help outfielders improve their game. It has a reinforced palm pad, which gives a unique and impact reduction while maintaining its snug, comfortable feel.

3. Rawlings Heart of the Hide

The Rawlings Heart of the Hide is a glove that delivers top-of-the-line durability and added breathability.

For outfielders in search of a great-looking baseball glove built for long-lasting durability, the Rawlings Heart of the Hide® is a great choice. With exclusive Rawlings Heart of the Hide® leather that’s built to last, the HOH is a great choice for outfielders who need a trustworthy glove. The Heart of the Hide® has a narrow fitting profile that provides a unique feel compared to other gloves and improves control, feel, and quick transfers.

2. Rawlings Pro Preferred

The Rawlings Pro Preferred is a glove that ensures an unrivaled look and shape retention.

The Rawlings Pro Preferred glove is designed with full-grain kip leather to provide an unrivaled look and excellent durability: important factors for any outfielder looking for a glove to invest in. Alongside a Pittards® sheepskin palm lining that gives you added comfort, the Pro Preferred’s shallow pocket is made for quickness and requires minimal break-in time and elite-level comfort.

1. Wilson A2000

Finally, rounding out our list at number 1 we've got the Wilson A2000.

With Pro Stock leather for durability and a rolled dual welting for a lightning-fast break-in, the A2000 is engineered to equip outfielders the best of both worlds. The A2000 combines Pro Stock leather for a durable yet more playable glove, while the Rolled Dual Welting unlocks the break-in speed of traditional welting. Overall, the A2000 is the perfect blend of performance and durability making it a clear winner for any outfielder.


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