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The 6 Best Lacrosse Gloves for 2023


The 6 Best Lacrosse Gloves For 2023

Lacrosse is a game that requires quick speed, accurate passing, and great ball control. That said, it should come as no surprise that your lacrosse gloves are the number one player when it comes to comfort, accuracy, and safety so it’s of course pretty important to find the right pair for your style and leve of play. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 6 best lacrosse gloves for 2023.

6. Epoch Integra LE

Starting off our countdown we’ve got the Epoch Integra LE coming in at number 6.

The Epoch Integra LE is outfitted with a Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam Stack that helps insulate hands from stingers. Not only do traditional finger gussets allow you to maintain your game by increasing mobility, but its three layers are made up of two foams with different densities that work in conjunction with one another to provide exceptionally lightweight yet trustworthy protection.

5. Maverik M4

Up next is a glove skillfully made for players seeking Improved breathability and added durability: the Maverik M4.

If you're a lacrosse player looking for a glove with great breathability, the Maverik M4 might be just what you’re looking for. Designed with the most hard-hitting players in mind, it's built to last while providing a comfortable fit that doesn't break your budget.

With 37.5 Technology lining, a Flowcool vent on the back for increased ventilation, and Maverik's tried and tested wrist protection system, the Maverik M4 is designed to maximize mobility in all directions with added protection from injury.

4. Warrior Evo Pro

The Warrior Evo Pro is a glove that guarantees Increased impact protection and a restriction-less backhand feel.

Warrior created the Evo Pro from the ground up to be the top protection glove in lacrosse, with innovative technologies that push the industry (and your game) forward.

Engineered with an Authentic Pro Palm+ construction for exceptional stick feel, its lightweight design allows for easy maneuverability on the field, which is critical for players who are looking for increased stick responsiveness.

Additionally, the Evo Pro's Impax high-density foam provides increased impact protection while maintaining comfort. Overall, the Warrior Evo Pro is a glove that optimizes stick feel and increases ball controllability.

3. Maverik M3

Next in our countdown is a glove carefully engineered for players in search of a natural feel and added durability: the Maverik M3.

A modern take on the traditional lacrosse mitt, the M3 features a 37.5 technology liner that provides optimum breathability in a more natural and seamless fit, allowing players to stay cool (and comfortable) on the field. Complimented by Ax Suede construction, the Maverik M3 is built with high-quality materials for a natural feel and added durability.

2. Under Armour Command Pro 2

Next up is the Under Armour Command Pro 2: a glove precisely tailored to players in need of Increased durability and ultimate flexibility.

The Under Armour Command Pro 2 lacrosse glove is built with the same high-end technology used in the gloves of our pro athletes. With an AX Suede™ palm that delivers increased durability and patented Floating Armour Technology for improved thumb protection, you can count on the Command Pro 2 to perform in any game.

1. Maverik Max

Finally, maxing out our countdown at number 1 is Max... the Maverik Max that is.

The Max is where Maverik's top-of-the-line lacrosse gloves and latest technologies meet. With Flow Cool vents to reduce moisture build up, the Max provides ultimate comfort and breathability.

Built with Durastretch™ panels for superior flexibility and the same high-performance protection you expect from any Maverik glove, the Maverik Max gives you the confidence, comfort, and protection to take your game to the max!


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