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The 5 Most Popular Gloves in Baseball

by Derek Worlow

The five best baseball gloves on the market today all share the same high-quality construction and toughness that MLB players carry onto the field each day of the season. In no particular order, let's get into the specifics.

1.) Rawlings Pro Preferred Mike Trout Game Day

His signature glove from Rawlings, Mike Trout's Pro Preferred Game Day Outfield Glove is a marvel. First, the black leather contrasted with the red laces is a visual stunner. The glove also touts a quick break-in period, making this a glove that will last for years.

2.) Marucci Founders' Series Glove

Texas Rangers pitcher Cole Hamels is a four-time All-Star and the 2008 World Series MVP. His partnership with Marucci extends to using their Founders’ Series Two-Piece glove. The fielding glove is made with premium Japanese Kip leather and reinforced with double lace, making it a favorite for MLB players like Hamels. The construction assures the glove will never break down when you need it to handle a difficult fly ball or hot ground ball.

3.) Mizuno Pro Select Black Series Infield Glove

New York Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius utilizes the Mizuno Pro Select Black Series Infield Glove for covering ground at Yankee Stadium. The Pro Select series is unique as only 500 gloves are made for the public with each model. Position-specific, the team at Mizuno has crafted gloves that are known for their extraordinary feel and durability. Made with high-grade US Steerhide leather, the Pro Series is a glove that will deliver the goods game after game.

4.) 2018 Wilson A2000 SuperSkin Baseball Glove

Mookie Betts, the slugging right fielder for the Boston Red Sox, has won back-to-back Gold Gloves using the A2000 series outfield glove from Wilson. The unique design of the SuperSkin glove makes this a perfect choice for the player looking to find one of the most flexible and sturdy gloves available on the market today. The combination of leather and human-made material will assure that the break-in will hold its shape for a very long time.

5.) Rawlings Heart of the Hide Bryce Harper Game Day Outfield Glove

Bryce Harper has worked with Rawlings to create a glove that is ideal for the player looking for a softer feel on game days. The Rawlings Heart of the Hide Bryce Harper Outfield Glove is accented with deerskin, and the exterior leather is enhanced with oil for a smooth break-in. The deep webbed pocket, preferred by Harper, assures that no ball is getting out on tough fly balls.

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