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The 5 Best Roller Hockey Skates For 2023

The 5 Best Roller Hockey Skates For 2023

Trying to pick the best inline skates for your skating needs can be a difficult task at times. There are some amazing inline skates out there that will help you get the most out of your skating experience. Let us help break down which of them are the best inline skates for your skating needs as we countdown the 5 best inline skates for 2023.

5. Bauer Vapor 2XR

Starting off at number 5 we've got the Bauer Vapor 2XR.

The Bauer Vapor 2XR Inline Skates are one of the top skates in the game and for good reason. The first thing you will notice when you put on a pair of these is how light they feel. Part of the lightweight design is due to an Aerofoam+ liner that Bauer has put into a lot of their gear. Aerofoam uses special foam that contours to the size of your foot, keeping it snug without feeling too tight.

4. Bauer RSX

Next up is the Bauer RSX: a skate precisely designed for players who want a classic feel.

The Bauer RSX is designed to give you a great ride. It's one of their classic skates but has been recently improved to give a little more versatility and durability.

Specifically designed for those who want both comfort and performance, the RSX is powered by the new injected comp weave material that not only maximizes durability but also guarantees a steady, breathable feel.

3. Tour Volt Kv4

Sliding into our countdown at number 3 we've got the Tour Volt Kv4.

Professionally engineered with pillow padding edge for rugged comfort together with instep honeycomb venting for better breathability, the Volt Kv4 is professionally crafted for comfort and functionality and is one of the most popular Tour inline skates available on the market today.

2. Bauer Vapor X2.7R

The Bauer Vapor X2.7R is a skate that ensures both comfort and protection.

Designed with a one-piece 3-D polycarbonate quarter construction that provides exceptional protection and injected metatarsal guards to improve durability, the Vapor X2.7R is specifically built with all of Bauer's latest game-winning technologies.

1. Bauer Vapor 2X Pro

Finally, rounding out our list at number 1 we've got Bauer's innovative Vapor 2X Pro.

The Bauer Vapor 2X pro inline skates are a top of the line skate for both recreational and competitive play. What makes the 2X pro great? Not only is it loved by roller hockey players for its rugged outsole (which features an X-rib pattern that helps the skate last longer), it's also comfortable.

Featuring a full-carbon pro-inspired boot with low-profile triple density foam, the Vapor 2X Pro also offers superior protection, breathability, and high ankle mobility.

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