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The 5 Best Middie Lacrosse Heads For 2023


The 5 Best Middie Lacrosse Heads For 2023

"Keep your head in the game" is one of the most common phrases you'll hear out of any coach and in lacrosse, that advice also applies to your stick.

If you're a middie in need of a new lacrosse head for 2023, it's important to understand what makes a good one. The best middie lacrosse heads should be the ones that will help you to be quick on your feet, accurate with the shot, and able to avoid being blocked as much as you can. With that in mind, we're going to share with you our picks for the 5 best middie lacrosse heads for 2023.

5. ECD Lacrosse Mirage

Starting off at number 5 we've got the ECD Lacrosse Mirage: a head precisely tailored for players in need of added control and depth control.

Designed with the offensive player in mind, the stylish EDC Mirage is built with high-grade construction that provides exceptional durability and an aggressive flare for added control. Overall, the Mirage is specifically built to provide lacrosse players with the same high-tech features used by the pros.

4. StringKing Mark 2V

At number 4 we've got the StringKing Mark 2V.

Featuring a slightly narrower face shape for improved ball control in addition to an optimal strength to weight ratio for increased durability, the Mark 2V is specially crafted to meet the needs of players at all levels lacrosse players for which versatility and stringability are paramount.

3. Maverik Kinetik

The Maverik Kinetik is a head that delivers consistent head and Mid-high pocket.

The Maverik Kinetik is a lacrosse head is designed to meet the needs of middies seeking a consistent head with a mid-high pocket.

With a game-proven design, the Kinetik is built with Maverik’s own X-Rail Technology, DuraTough material, and an innovative approach to developing a lacrosse head that will provide shot after shot of controllable performance with high levels of accuracy.

2. STX Stallion Omega

Next up is a head precisely tailored to players in need of enhanced groundball playability and durability: the STX Stallion Omega.

Get ready to make and create more opportunities with STX's all-new Stallion Omega. This middie-specific design features the Speed Scoop™, a new scoop design engineered to enhance ground ball pickup and release. Alongside Omega™ polymer construction that gives the Omega a lighter feel and just the right blend of rigidity.

1. Maverik Tactik

Finally, rounding out our list at number 1 we've got the Maverik Tactik.

The Maverik Tactik is a lacrosse head that offers middies a lightweight construction made possible through its Duratough material. This technology allows the head to be stronger and stiffer like more traditional lacrosse heads without sacrificing any of the weight.

Also equipped with X-RAIL Technology, the Tactik provides excellent rebound control allowing you to get the ball to your teammates quicker than other heads on the market, eliminating wasted time in transition and ultimately generating increased scoring opportunities.


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