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The 5 Best Lacrosse Shafts For 2023


The 5 Best Lacrosse Shafts For 2023

Lacrosse shafts are the heart of the player's stick. It is where all of the lacrosse skills start. There is a big difference between a good shaft and a great one and this article will countdown the 5 best lacrosse shafts for 2023 to help make finding a stick nice and quick.

5. Under Armour Armour Grip

Up next is the Armour Grip by Under Armour: a shaft skillfully made for players seeking control and flexibility.

The Armour grip lacrosse shaft was designed to deliver the superior control and handling that all players demand from their equipment.

This shaft in particular is designed to give you the ultimate level of control in every situation.

The shaft features the UA Armour™ coating that creates a sticky, tacky feel so you can put more mustard on every shot and make sure you get every ground ball.

4. Maverik Range

At number 4 we've got the Maverik Range.

The Maverik Range Lacrosse Shaft is specifically crafted with GritGrip technology for a unique feel that's specially designed to last long. In addition, the traditional shaft shape provides a comfortable and natural feel in your hand. The Range, one of the most popular Maverik lacrosse shafts on the market, gives you top-of-the-line performance.

3. Warrior Kryptolyte

Next in our countdown is the Warrior Kryptolyte: a lacrosse shaft carefully engineered for players in search of comfort and control.

The Kryptolyte’s unique and comfortable rounded edge design and the pureness of the color make it seem as though you are holding a lacrosse stick from the future. Overall, the Kryptolyte is engineered for comfort and durability.

2. Maverik Wonderboy

Next up at number 2 is the one-and-only Maverik Wonderboy.

Maverik's Wonderboy is a high-end shaft that meets the needs of serious lacrosse players. This shaft features an aluminum shaft designed to withstand all types of punishment that can come from the constant movement and hits suffered by experienced players. It has an adjustable butt end for added strength, and its lightweight design ensures easy maneuverability for long periods of play and quick maneuvers. The ergonomic grip with Maverik's Tri-Tec handle means less slippage and more durability as well as a surer hold on your stick.

1. Brine Clutch

Finally, rounding out our list at number 1 we've got the Brine Clutch.


The Brine Clutch lacrosse shaft was built with the player in mind. Lacrosse players slide their sticks multiple times during play so wear and tear obviously present itself as a serious concern. With the Clutch, this is less of a worry as the grips will not wear. Also added is an eye to allow lacrosse players to slide their hands through quicker creating more time to shoot and pass. Overall, any lacrosse player can’t go wrong with the Brine Clutch.


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