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The 5 Best Hockey Goalie Masks For 2023

The 5 Best Hockey Goalie Masks For 2023

As a hockey goalie, your helmet is arguably the most important piece of protective gear you have. If you are looking for a new goalie mask but don’t know where to start the decision-making process, then it helps to understand what the options are and what they all mean. With that said, here is our countdown of the 5 best hockey goalie masks for 2023. These masks are not only aesthetically pleasing but some have features that make them unique.

5. Vaughn 7400

Starting off our countdown at number 5 we've got the Vaughn 7400.

Looking for a goalie mask that offers exceptional protection with an unobstructed view of the ice? The Vaughn 7400 hockey goalie mask is just the thing for you. The 7400 is a low-profile, lightweight model engineered for excellent protection and designed for optimal visibility.

The Vaughn 7400 offers an excellent fit because of the expanded foam chin cup, recessed cage area that improves peripheral vision, and wider sightlines on top of great visibility and a lightweight design.

4. CCM 1.5

At number 4 we've got the CCM 1.5.

The 1.5 is CCM’s mid-range price point goalie mask. It is a polycarbonate shell that provides top-of-the-line protection at a mid-range price.

The CCM 1.5 has a terry cloth sweatband that helps wick moisture away from your forehead, which can be important for preventing facewash burnouts in tight games.

3. Bauer NME 4

Next in our countdown is the Bauer NME 4: a goalie mask carefully engineered for players in search of moisture-wicking breathability and durable protection.

The Bauer NME Goalie Mask is solid, plain and simple. It has a cloth sweatband, which is particularly comfortable against your face and it does a great job of wicking moisture away from your skin which makes it feel even more comfortable than other masks. The LEXAN® EXL polycarbonate shell provides durable protection against shots makes the NME a great choice for goalies who want both comfort, visibility and protection.

2. CCM GFL Pro

Next up is a goalie mask precisely tailored to players in need of moisture control and top-notch protection: the CCM GFL Pro.

Specially designed with CCM’s Triple Density VN liner that provides exceptional moisture control in addition to Carbon-Tek composite to provide improved top-notch protection, the GFL Pro is specifically built to provide any goalie with exceptional protection. Alongside strategically placed D30 foam that can absorb a variety of impact types, you stop pucks with a clear head and full confidence knowing you're protected.

1. Bauer 940x

Finally, rounding out our list at number 1 we've got Bauer's innovative 940x.

The Bauer 940 series is a premium, next-generation line of goalie masks that are in a league of their own.

The Bauer 940X is 100% designed with goalie comfort and safety in mind. It is constructed with an ultra-lightweight composite shell and features Air Channel Ventilation, which provides cool, dry air to your face. On the backside, the 940x features backplate harness anchors for easier adjustability, along with a LEXAN® EXL polycarbonate shell, similar to that found in the Bauer NME. Overall, the Bauer 940x gives it all to goalies by assuring the best comfort, protection, and ease of adjustability.

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