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The 5 Best Goalie Blockers For 2023


The 5 Best Goalie Blockers For 2023

Hockey goalie blockers are one of the most important pieces of equipment for any goalie. If you don’t have a good blocker, you will not be able to stop the puck from entering your goal and your hands would take some serious damage. That said, here is a list of the 5 best hockey goalie blockers for 2023 that will help protect your hands and maximize shot-blocking performance.

5. Vaughn Ventus

Coming in at number 5 we've got the Vaughn Ventus.

The Ventus features Vaughn's innovative XRD foam, which has been extensively tested to deliver balanced energy absorption, impact dispersion and high-performance durability. A touch of mesh ventilates the padding to keep goalies comfortable and stopping shots for hours of ice time.

4. Vaughn Velocity V6

At number 4 we've got the Vaughn Velocity V6.

When you want the best protection and maximum comfort, the Vaughn Velocity V6 provides just that with its cutting-edge technology and streamlined design. The carbon-fiber-reinforced front for protection and air-cushioned back hand padding combine to give you a blocker with a high-quality feel.

3. CCM Extreme Flex II 860

Next in our countdown is a blocker carefully engineered for players in search of side hand protection and exceptional durability: the CCM Extreme Flex II 860.

There are plenty of great hockey blockers on the market, but none with the features of CCM's Extreme Flex II 860. These are lightweight, moderately priced goalkeepers blockers that are designed to increase mobility. In particular, the Extreme Flex II 860 is built with an inner cuff that provides a comfortable, sock-like fit which allows for increased wrist movement. Additionally, they have built-in protection for both top of hand, fingers, thumb, and heal of hand.

2. CCM Extreme Flex III

Next up is the CCM Extreme Flex III: a blocker precisely tailored to players in need of increased shock absorption and greater comfort.

Designed to help protect the vulnerable wrist area, the Extreme Flex III utilizes D3O® Technology that provides increased shock absorption alongside a shallow finger protector to provide greater comfort.

1. CCM Extreme Flex 4

Finally, rounding out our list is the CCM Extreme Flex 4: a blocker precisely made for goalies seeking increased blocking coverage and low-profile impact protection.

The CCM Extreme Flex 4 goalie blocker features a redesigned inside thumb protector for increased blocking coverage, while new D3O® Technology provides outstanding low-profile impact protection. Made with CCM's ultralight Air Tec technology, the lightweight Flex 4 has been designed to help goalies keep mobility and block shots all while being protected and unrestricted when it comes to range of motion.


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