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The 4 Best CCM Hockey Helmets For 2023


The 4 Best CCM Hockey Helmets For 2023

There are a lot of great hockey helmets on the market right now and CCM has been in the hockey helmet game for years. The company's helmets have come a long way from what they looked like in the early days of the new millennium. Today's CCM helmets are more protective than ever before and offer the best technology in the industry. With that said, let's take a look at the 4 best CCM hockey helmets for 2023.

4. CCM Tacks 310

Starting off at number 4 we've got the CCM Tacks 310.

With a unique shape and comfortable design, your head will love the CCM Tacks 310 Hockey Helmet. Featuring D30 smart material for long-lasting enhanced protection and I.Q.Shion memory foam that gives you a unique and elite comfort, the Tacks 310 is equipped with safety features you can trust.

3. CCM Resistance

The CCM Resistance is a helmet that delivers reducing the effects of dangerous rotational and linear impacts.

Featuring a R.E.D. (rotational energy dampening) system for reducing the effects of dangerous rotational impacts and expanded polypropylene foam impact pods for dampening the effects of linear impacts, the Resistance is designed to meet the needs of hockey players for which reducing the effects of dangerous rotational and linear impacts are top priorities.

2. CCM Tacks 710

Next up is a helmet precisely tailored to players in need of elite-level protection and premium comfort: the CCM Tacks 710.

The CCM Tacks 710 hockey helmet is one of the best-selling helmets CCM offers elite-level protection with unsurpassed comfort. The Tacks 710 is made from D30 smart material for a lightweight and low-friction fit, and is equipped with I.Q.Shion memory foam for top-tier comfort right out of the box. The 710 also features a refined tool-free adjustment system that allows you to adjust the fit of your helmet on the fly for form-fitting comfort.

At the end of the day, with its combination of superior protection, premium comfort, and advanced technologies, this helmet is perfect for any player.

1. CCM Fitlite 3DS

The CCM Fitlite 3DS is a helmet that provides long-lasting durability and a fine-tuned fit.

The CCM Fitlite 3DS is, in many ways, an updated version of the best-selling CCM Vector helmet. The Fitlite 3DS is specially constructed for safety and comfort with high-density polyethylene foam throughout and ABS shell materials on the outside for long-lasting durability. Not to be overlooked, the 3DS also features a Micro-dial III Adjustment System for a tight occipital lock for easy adjustment and D3O smart foam for exceptional temple protection. Overall, this helmet offers a low-profile design that is both comfortable and lightweight without sacrificing safety, making it perfect for any level of play.


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