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Best Hockey Sticks 2018

Trying to rank a list of the 10 best hockey sticks in today’s booming market is no easy task. Lucky for you, we saved you the hassle of debating hundreds of models, brands, and styles with your teammates and friends. Whether you’re looking for a guide to either confirm your own bias, or maybe change your mind about your next stick, here’s the ultimate guide to the best hockey sticks out there right now.

1. Bauer Vapor 1X

You know any stick coming from Bauer’s Vapor Line is going to be legit. The most recent edition of the Vapor 1X is no different. While the OG Vapor 1X, particularly in 2015, is still near and dear to many pros’ hearts for its dual-flex profile, Bauer’s commitment to continuing to improve its ACT (advanced carbon layering) technology and QTR+ taper in the 2018 verison of the 1X is pretty admirable.

Looking for something ultralight and geared toward stick handling without dropping $200? We’ve got you covered.

2. Warrior Alpha QX

While some may opt for a stick from the Warrior AK line over the Alpha QX, our pros here at SidelineSwap are obsessed with the Alpha Pro line. If you consider yourself an Alpha on the ice, why look any further? With quick-strike technology paired with a low kick point Saber Taper, the QX is ready to rip shots from the get go.

3. CCM RibCor Trigger2

The original CCM Ribcor in 2016 was one of the most game-changing sticks ever released. It was one of the first sticks CCM ever released with top-of-the-line, low-kick style flex and deadly accuracy. The newest edition of the Ribcor, the RibCor Trigger2 PMT Grip, is even better. It gives off plenty of pop on any low or top-shelf shot and is loaded up with plenty of power for any quick-release shot you need. Check ‘em out for half the price on SidelineSwap.

Looking for a CCM twig? This is the G.O.A.T.

4. Warrior Covert QRL

The Warrior Covert QRL may have the stick market beat when it comes to sticks best suited for both defensemen and forwards. It’s nice and light, but still balanced and has that famous Covert-line low kick point. New is the Dagger Taper III technology, which our pros have liked in terms of how much energy is needed to get off solid shots both down low and in the air.

5. Bauer Nexus 1N

Looking for something to fire from the blue line with? The Bauer Nexus 1N is probably your best bet. It’s the same top of the line stick that you get with the Vapor 1X line, but better suited for defensmen with its mid-kick flex point. Not ready to say goodbye to wristers? The Nexus 1N still has plenty of unique blade options and is lightweight enough for you to get a good handle on the puck without sacrificing durability.

6. CCM Super Tacks

The Super Tacks 2.0 stick is a solid choice from CCM for any all-around player looking for a durable composite. While it’s considered to be a good entry-level stick, it’s still got a lot of high-performance features, most notably in its mid-kick point and lightweight build.

7. Bauer Supreme 1S

A lot of players, in the past, have associated Bauer’s supreme line strictly as a defensive, blue-line bomber stick. Recent innovations at Bauer, however, have proven that the Supreme 1S is a solid choice for any player who plays off their power, regardless of position on the ice.

With a TeXtreme carbon fiber and MonoComp construction, the 1S delivers not only power, but durability for any elite power player.

8. Sher-Wood Rekker

If lightweight builds are your thing, go no further than the Sher-Wood Rekker line. Using an 18k carbon fibre weave on both the exterior and interior of the shaft, the upper end rekker line options weigh as low as 400g, making it the perfect addition if deking and one-timers fit your style of play.

9. Easton Synergy GX

If you’re a devout Easton fan, the Synergy GX is your best option when it comes to composite one piece sticks. The Synergy GX’s claim to fame lies in its notorious ShotBoost technology, which produces quicker, more reflexive shots. Additionally, with eight blade options, there are plenty of ways to customize this stick to your own skill level.

10. True A6.0

True’s A6.0 line should be on the list of any player looking to deliver from the blue-line. It’s balanced weight distribution is best suited for those looking for a responsive quick release. Its True Temper’s Active Bond Technology II helps maintain blade stiffness for greater pop and feel.

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