Summer 2022 Product Updates

Automated shipping reimbursement: Sellers who opt to use their own shipping labels now get automatically reimbursed for the shipping cost! Whether you set your own shipping cost or replaced a SidelineSwap label with your own tracking code, 88% of the shipping cost will be automatically applied to your earnings once you add your new tracking number.

FedEx SmartPost: in an effort to keep shipping costs competitive for your buyers, SidelineSwap has introduced a new FedEx service level called FedEx SmartPost. These labels have both a FedEx and USPS tracking code because USPS takes care of the final delivery. If you receive one of those labels, you need to drop your package off at a FedEx location.

Set your own shipping cost: If you have access to discounted shipping rates, use 'em! Remember, items with discounted shipping perform better in search results and sell faster. Setting your own shipping cost also allows you to earn more from each sale. (Be reasonable, though, because exorbitant shipping prices will drive prospective buyers away.)

Sort your locker by oldest bumped or oldest published: If you’re not sure which of your items to bump or price drop, you can now sort your lockers by the oldest bumped or published. Doing so allows you to target and promote stale listings and to increase your sales.

Mark all messages as “read” in the swap inbox on Fallen behind on your inbox organization? You can now mark (all) messages in any inbox as “Read”.


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