Seller Updates

Summer 2021: Seller Updates

August 2021

New bundle guidance on item pages: Buyers now see the option to "Request a bundle" directly from the item pages. Clicking “Request a bundle” provides guidance that encourages buyers to message sellers to create a bundled listing if they're interested in purchasing multiple items from the same locker. This way, buyers only have to pay for shipping once and sellers can ship everything in one package.

Shipping and packaging guidance: For clear, up-to-date guidance on how to ship gear of all shapes and sizes, check out our Shipping FAQ

CAD pricing for Canadian buyers: Canadian buyers now see pricing in CAD from item pages and at checkout. The conversion is approximate and is based on the current mid-market exchange rate. Please note that all payments will continue to be processed in USD.

Seller offers to favorites: Every time a user favorites your gear, a swap will be created in the "Recent Favorites" section of your swap inbox. You can submit private offers from these swap pages to the users who have favorited your gear. For more information on seller offers, read here.

July 2021

List with ease on the iOS app: The listing experience on your iPhone has a brand new look. Add photos to get started, then simply type in what you’re selling and we’ll pre-populate the details for you!

Understand your fees before you list: Also included in the latest version of the iOS app is a fee calculator tool from the listing experience. You can now determine your exact projected earnings based before you set your item price.


Increasing bump distribution: You get a bump! And you get a bump! Now, sellers don’t need 10 available listings to receive a weekly free bump. Sellers with at least 1 available item will now receive 1 free bump every Saturday. Remember, you get 1 bump for every 10 items listed, so if you have 10-20 items you get 2 bumps, 20-30 you get 3 bumps, and so on.

Shipping with a different tracking number: SidelineSwap provides our sellers with prepaid shipping labels to make shipping as easy as possible. Sometimes circumstances arise that may require a seller to ship with their own label, though. If you do ship with a different tracking number, simply contact SidelineSwap support with the new tracking number so we can ensure the swap updates properly!

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