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Spring 2021: Seller Updates

March 2021

Product Spotlight: iOS Update 3.4.3

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Navigate your locker with ease: Lockers on the iOS app got a brand new look! The new and improved locker view shows you the item title, as well as how many favorites and views your items have received. The new sort order allows you to organize your items by most popular and most viewed in addition to the default chronological view. With these new sort options you can more easily tell which of your items are getting the most attention. This can help inform which items you should bump, price drop, and what you should list more of!

We’re also making it easier to get your items sold faster. Click “Sell Faster” from your item page to bump, price drop, or share the listing with friends and family!

Handle disputes more seamlessly: We’ve brought the full functionality of disputes to the app. Now you and your buyer can resolve disputes without any involvement from SidelineSwap’s Dispute Resolutions team. Sellers can now issue partial refunds from the app and buyers can also close the disputes directly from the dispute page. Partial refunds can also be issued any time before the swap is completed. If you find previously undisclosed damage or don’t have the exact product your buyer purchased, offer a partial refund instead of canceling the swap altogether!

Easily share items from your locker with buyers: We've also made sharing listings and SidelineSwap URLs on the App simpler than ever. This will help facilitate replacements, exchanges, and bundling where necessary. Simply copy and paste the item page URL into your chat and with one only click your buyer will be on the item page.

Buyers now see expected delivery dates at checkout: (Shipping) time is money. In 2021, online shoppers expect to know when they'll receive a package prior to purchasing the item. In the interest of more shipping transparency, we now show buyers an approximate delivery timeline at checkout. With this information at their disposal, buyers will only come to you with item-specific questions that you have the answers to. You can leave the shipping details to us!

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