Sideline Spotlight: Tj Cothern

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One of the longtime members of our community is Tj Cothern of Maryland. Tj began playing lacrosse as a kid. When he first wanted to get into the sport, he didn't have much money to buy new gear. That's when his best friend stepped in. He gave Tj his extra pads so that they could play lacrosse together.

"I sadly lost my best friend to a horrible car accident," Tj told us. "When he passed on, I felt in my heart that I wanted to help out like how he helped me."

Tj played lacrosse for years as a goalie. Today, the sport continues to be a major part of his life. As a way to give back to the lacrosse community, he uses SidelineSwap to help outfit kids who can't afford to buy brand new gear at full price.


These are some of the items Tj has purchased in the past few years off of SidelineSwap. He said he loves to buy gear to give it to younger players who need it.

"I use SidelineSwap to help out some of the less fortunate kids in my community," he said. "I love to give back to the sport that has given so much to me."