Sideline Spotlight: Aaron Elsasser

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The SidelineSwap community continues to grow, with over 200,000 athletes buying and selling gear on the platform across all sports. As we get closer to the start of summer, one sport in particular is on everyone's mind: baseball. In keeping with the season, this week in the Sideline Spotlight we're getting to know high school catcher Aaron Elsasser a little better.


Fifteen-year-old Elsasser lives in Rocheport, Missouri where he plays on the freshman team at David H. Hickman High School. He got his start playing baseball at just three-years-old. Elsasser remembers playing catch with his dad in their backyard, and falling in love with the sport immediately.

"I love baseball because of the family (and friends) that you gain along the way," he said.

Prior to high school, Elsasser played in Missouri's Daniel Boone Little League and was named to the All-Star team five years in a row.

This season, Elsasser's freshmen squad went 9-22, but he threw out eight batters and saved 23 runs by blocking wild pitches to round out a solid rookie campaign behind the plate.

While it's a little early to be talking about it, Elsasser says he hopes he gets the chance to play baseball in college. For now, Aaron -- also an avid wrestler for his school's JV program -- hopes to continue improving in both sports and to letter as a varsity athlete.

In his free time, Aaron's an active buyer and seller on SidelineSwap -- he's got a mix of gloves, cleats and bats on the site for sale right now. Check out his locker, TXBaseball23.

"The thing I like about SidelineSwap is that it’s not confined to one sport," he said of his experience so far. "There’s multiple sports that you can buy (gear in)...which makes it very easy to find what you're looking for."