Sideline Spotlight: Trevor Leong

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Meet Trevor Leong, a first-year engineering student at the University of California - Davis. Trevor started playing lacrosse when he was nine, and he played all through middle school. When high school rolled around though, he found himself attending a school that didn't have a lacrosse program.


Trevor didn't want to see lacrosse fall completely out of his life, so he figured out a different way to remain involved with his favorite sport. Trevor started flipping his old lacrosse gear to earn extra cash, and that's when he first heard about SidelineSwap.

"Eventually, I realized that I could make enough money to start playing travel ball with some financial help from my coaches," he explained. "I used my profits from SidelineSwap to help pay for my fees and travel."

Trevor plays for the men's club lacrosse team at UC Davis. The school doesn't have a varsity program yet, but Trevor said he's confident they will soon. Even his old high school is starting to work lacrosse into the available sport options for its students; they've added lacrosse to their PE curriculum, and Trevor has been able to donate lacrosse gear to the up-and-coming program through SidelineSwap.

"My favorite thing about SidelineSwap is being able to talk to other players who take their sports equipment seriously," Trevor told us. "As I start college, I hope to continue to use SidelineSwap as a means of growing the sport and funding my lacrosse career."