Sideline Spotlight: Ryan Becker

Here at SidelineSwap, we're all about community. Our users are the reason why we do what we do, and each week we want to say thank you by featuring a SidelineSwap user's story on our blog. Keep sending us your feedback and sharing your stories -- and you could be next in the Sideline Spotlight!


Today we're sharing the story of Ryan Becker, a SidelineSwap user from Florida who recently relocated to Nashville, Tenn. Ryan grew up playing lacrosse and solidified his love for the sport in high school, playing Varsity for Saint Andrews School in Boca Raton, Fla. From there, he took his talents to CW Post, and then to the University of Tampa. While going to to school in Tampa, Ryan ran his own youth lacrosse organization that served 125 kids in the area from ages seven to 18. Now that he's graduated and in the working world, his goal it to help cultivate a lacrosse community in Nashville.

"I live on the outskirts of some lower-income housing and have had some discussions with kids in the neighborhood about coaching, teaching them how to play rather than starting a traditional youth travel team," Ryan explained. "(We've got) local parks near by for field space, but my one hurdle right now is getting equipment for the kids who are not able to purchase it themselves."

Ryan has joined our community with the goal of buying quality lacrosse gear that's affordable for the kids he's been working with in Nashville.

"I'm starting to train a group of kids and need sticks for them to play," Ryan said. "SidelineSwap is perfect for me to fund the initiative at a low cost."

We'll be following along with Ryan as he continues to build interest in lacrosse within the Nashville community. Stay tuned for an update -- and for now, we wish Ryan the best of luck on his mission to grow the game!