Sideline Spotlight: Avery Gaw

Here at SidelineSwap, we're all about community. Our users are the reason why we do what we do, and each week we want to say thank you by featuring a SidelineSwap user's story on our blog. Keep sending us your feedback and sharing your stories -- and you could be next in the Sideline Spotlight!

SidelineSwap's overarching mission is to make sports more affordable for athletes everywhere. One way we do this is through our annual scholarship program, Gear For a Year. If you're an athlete in need of gear, but you don't have the financial resources to acquire what you need for your sport, applying for a #GearForAYear scholarship is a great way for you to receive the funds you need to keep you on the field -- or the ice, the court, the trail, the mountain -- and competing at a high level. Today we're spotlighting one of our 2017 Gear For a Year winners, Avery Gaw.


We asked Avery to give us a life update, and to share with us how her lacrosse career has been going. Read her message below:

"Just about a year and a half ago, I was picked as a winner of the #GearForAYear Scholarship, presented by SidelineSwap. This meant that I had a total of $500 to spend on new gear. With the money, I bought myself a new lacrosse goalie stick, cleats, and many gifts for my friends and family. It really meant a lot to me that I could purchase gifts for people that I would have otherwise not been able to.

This upcoming school year, I will be a freshman at Clearview Regional High School in New Jersey. There, I will most likely start on Varsity as a goalie. I will also join the swim team and be involved in as many clubs and activities as I can. I will take all honors classes. On top of that, outside of school, I will continue to play lacrosse year-round, and help out around my community. I plan to retain my lacrosse career in college, and to play at a D1 school. Right now, my dream college is USC.

I still use SidelineSwap as pretty much my only place to buy lacrosse gear. I have been an ambassador for a little while now, and I have sold about 30 items on SidelineSwap. SidelineSwap has been a really cool way for me to get to know others in my area that share my same love for lacrosse. The #GearForAYear Scholarship meant a lot to my family and I. Being one of the winners led me to become much more involved with the SidelineSwap community, which I love. I hope to continue to play lacrosse, give back to others, and of course, stay updated with SidelineSwap!"

You can check out Avery's locker by clicking here.