Seller Spotlight: Tverdoni95

As entrepreneurs, we love hearing about our seller’s backstories, motivations, and entrepreneurial outlooks. This week, we are featuring the story of Tyler Verdoni, also known as “Tverdoni95”.

Name: Tyler Verdoni

Link to Locker:

Age: 22

Hometown: Farmingdale, NJ

Q & A

What made you start using SidelineSwap?

I was looking online for a first generation OG blade when I came across SidelineSwap. I started looking through the website and saw that it was like eBay, but tailored to selling and buying sports equipment. My garage was full of equipment from years of playing sports and I was looking for a way to get rid of it. I started posting some things on SidelineSwap and saw items sell very quickly at a great price. From there on, I only used and trusted SidelineSwap for all my sports equipment sales and purchases.

What kind of gear do you sell and where do you get it?

Mainly lacrosse items that I have collected over 10 years of playing, but I have also sold/sell hockey, softball, football, basketball, and electronics as well. Most of the stuff I have collected over 18 years of playing sports, but I also will go to consignment shops and buy gear there and put it in my locker to sell. I also collect a lot of equipment from trading as well.

How much have you earned (approximately)? What would you have done with that gear if you didn’t sell it on SidelineSwap?

I have earned roughly $4,200.00 from using SidelineSwap over the past two years. If not for SidelineSwap, I would have thrown out most of the stuff or just given it away to friends.

Tell your most interesting / unique story from selling on SidelineSwap.

I was playing in a local lacrosse league when someone I didn’t know came up to me after the game and said “Hey, you’re on SidelineSwap, right? Tverdoni95”. Throughout countless transactions on SidelineSwap, I’ve been in contact with many people, even some who I played against during collegiate competition as well as local competition.

You’ve built a nice little business on SidelineSwap… Is this your first / only business? If it’s your first, what made you give this a shot? If it’s not your first, what other businesses are you involved with?

My first and only (at this time) business! I gave SidelineSwap a shot because of how much easier it was than eBay, and the fact that the community is specified. Its other athletes looking to buy sports equipment, filtering potential buyers and increasing the likelihood of selling items.

Do you have any plans to expand your business?

Not particularly at this point. I am done with playing lacrosse and am moving onto medical school now and don’t know if I’ll have the time. I’ll engage in business during my off time, especially because doing business on SidelineSwap is something I enjoy doing, but I hope to pick SidelineSwap back up fully after graduation.

If we gave you a $1,000 shopping spree on SidelineSwap what would you buy and what would you do with that gear?

I would buy a one of a kind helmet for myself, such as a custom Cascade S helmet when they release, but use the remainder of the money to purchase items for my two younger brothers that they would need for the remainder of their lacrosse playing days.

Rapid Fire

Favorite athlete: Peyton Manning

Favorite sports team(s): New York Giants

Favorite brand: Apple

Most memorable sports moment: Winning the region tournament both years at the junior college I attended

Go to source for sports content: Rotoworld for specifics on players but ESPN for sports content in general.

Would you rather work at Snapchat or Nike? Nike

If your phone could talk, it would tell you that you spend way too much time on: SidelineSwap App

If you could swap locker for locker with any user on SidelineSwap it would be: Definitely pmetz or tonyfagnani

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