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Seller Spotlight: @ChesapeakeLax

As entrepreneurs, we love hearing about our seller’s backstories, motivations, and entrepreneurial outlooks. This week, we are featuring the story of Christian Park, AKA “ChesapeakeLax”.

Name: Christian Park

Link to locker:

Age: 18

Hometown: Clifton, VA

What made you start using SidelineSwap?

SidelineSwap was a great way to get my products out into a market without having to use any special type of advertising. It’s almost like eBay, but strictly for sports. I saw it as a way to constantly promote my own gear to a specific audience that was also looking for it.

What kind of gear do you sell and where do you get it?

I typically sell custom strung and dyed lacrosse heads, with the occasional shaft and other lacrosse-related gear that comes my way. I often will get most of these originally from SidelineSwap or from other sellers like eBay, friends, other players, and through other forms of social media.

How much have you earned (approximately)? What would you have done with that gear if you didn’t sell it on SidelineSwap?

A lot! In all honesty, probably several thousand dollars. Most of this inventory wouldn’t have been sold if it weren’t for SidelineSwap.

Tell your most interesting / unique story from selling on SidelineSwap.

While away for vacation in Mexico, I had sold 5 heads within a few days but had no signal for those few days and wasn’t aware. Simultaneously, I had sold those 5 exact heads on my website by accident to completely different customers and had a huge fiasco when it boiled down to who would actually receive it and who got their money back. Purely seller error on my part.

You’ve built a nice little business on Sideline… Is this your first / only business? If it’s your first, what made you give this a shot? If it’s not your first, what other businesses are you involved with? (We’re entrepreneurs and love to hear about our seller’s entrepreneurial projects!)

SidelineSwap came after I had started my business, which began my sophomore year of high school with intent on being more of a hobby than a business. However, sales kept coming and I kept expanding, and soon enough I had piled up over 10,000 followers on Instagram and had sold to almost every state in the US. The money I made allowed me to pay for things like car parts, insurance, textbooks, and everything inbetween. I also then turned around some of that money and put it towards bigger things, like participating in annual Breast Cancer Awareness fundraisers, as well as donating 15% of monthly profits to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. You can read more about this and my reasoning on my website at:

Do you have any plans to expand your business?

Yes! My business is always expanding on different platforms. I started solely on Instagram and have added SidelineSwap and my own personal website as gateways to find my products. Since I am currently in college, I can’t expand too much at the moment, but I have bigger plans for the future!

If we gave you a $1,000 shopping spree on SidelineSwap what would you buy and what would you do with that gear?

Buy a ton of college gear, UNC or Navy to be exact. (that stuff is so sweet)


Favorite Athlete: Greg Gurenlian

Favorite sports team(s): Navy or Johns Hopkins Lacrosse

Favorite brand: EastCoastDyes

Most memorable sports moment: Winning the OT faceoff clean against my high school’s biggest rival, which led to an assist that won the game in the district semi-finals.

Go to source for sports content: ESPN

Would you rather work at Snapchat or Nike? Nike

If your phone could talk, it would tell you that you spend way too much time on: Instagram

If you could swap locker for locker with any user on SidelineSwap it would be: No one!

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