Seller Spotlight: Brandon Richardson

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Meet Brandon Richardson. His friends call him Lyric, on account of the songs he writes as a hobby. By day, he's a special education teacher and a high school football coach. He grew up playing football and has continued to stay active in flag football leagues as an adult. But in recent years, he's also developed a love for a completely new sport: hockey. A couple of years ago, he joined a coed beer league with some of his friends, and he hasn't looked back. Now, he teaches his students how to play roller hockey and spends most of his free time doing something hockey-related. His four-year-old son -- Caden Jace -- plays both roller hockey and ice hockey.


"I’ve always loved watching hockey," Brandon told us. "The friends I’ve made (since starting to play), the places I’ve been and the experiences I’ve had have changed not just my life but my boy's as well. Hockey’s kind of our special thing."

Caden plays in a U6 league, and Brandon said he loves how hockey is such a great way for him to bond with his son. SidelineSwap has been a destination for Brandon to purchase affordable hockey equipment for both Caden and himself. Hockey is more than a hobby in the Richardson household. It's become their way of life.

"In our house, hockey is work, play, dedication, a way to connect and a way to relax," Brandon said.