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Scouting Report: Five Can’t-Miss Lacrosse Listings

1. Johns Hopkins Cascade S

This lid gives you wings: a team-issued Johns Hopkins S, with a cartoon blue jay decal on the back and the word “Relentless” engraved on the facemask. That logoed chinstrap is pretty fly, too.

(Don’t miss the rest of this seller’s gear: there’s official apparel, arm pads, and more.)

2. Colorado Mammoth Backpack

Go back to school with this Under Armour, team-issued Mammoth backpack. Gently used, but in awesome condition.

3. Navy-themed Optik 2.0

Seller knightslax2 took Maverik’s Elite Optik 2.0 and gave it a Navy-themed finish: blue and gold dye, anchor decals, and three shooting strings. It’s on-sail through the end of the month.

4. “Rose gold” Adidas Freaks

A rose by another name, indeed. Adidas has made a splash with their bold colors, and this “rose gold” (pink?) pair of Freaks definitely stood out to us. Only the black and white colorways are still available in stores, so snag these ones while you can!

5. “Six Nations Slash” Under Armour Engage

The OG Engage was already one of the slickest glove models to enter the market when it first came out. Customize it with an orange-and-blue colorway of the (now-defunct) Six Nations Slash, though, and you’ve got a pair of MVPs on your hands. This one’s going for $100.

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