Partner Charity: SidelineSwap & Restore Sports

At SidelineSwap, our mission has been the same since we began back in 2012: we want to make sports more affordable. Equipment is the biggest expense for most athletes, regardless of sport or playing level. Our goal is to provide the best online experience for buyers and sellers who are looking to buy, sell or upgrade their sports gear. In addition, we love teaming up with other organizations who share the same mission as we do. SidelineSwap has most recently partnered with Restore Sports, and together we are providing a way for families to donate their old sports gear to athletes in need. Please read on to learn more about our partnership!


What is Restore Sports?

Restore Sports is a local non-profit organization with a mission to promote sports in a manner that embraces access, opportunity, and affordability while giving new life to sports equipment. Restore collects and restores sports gear, which allows them to introduce more individuals to the joy of sports. In addition, Restore is an environmentally conscious organization that helps keep equipment out of landfills and on the playing field where it belongs!

How Does Our Partnership With Restore Work?

We teamed up with Restore Sports in 2018 to help them fundraise in order to further their mission and get more athletes on the field!

What Can You Do to Help?

The more bins we have, the more donations we collect. The more donations we collect, the more athletes we can help. If you own, operate or work for an organization that would like to host a Restore bin on your premises, please reach out to for more information. Otherwise, you can help by donating your old sports gear to the Restore bin nearest you.

Current Restore Bin Locations:

  1. Monkey Sports (Norwood, MA)

  2. AP Sports (Wilmington, MA)

  3. Plymouth Sports Complex (Plymouth, MA)

  4. Home Grown Lacrosse (HGR) (North Andover, MA)

  5. The Habitat Sports Facility (Uxbridge, MA)

  6. Edge Sports Center (Bedford, MA)

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