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Most Liked Hockey Items of 2019

It's true what they say: life's not a popularity contest. But the tune is a little different when you're talking about gear. There's no shame in wanting to use what the pros do, or rock a jersey from your favorite team. Hockey gear comes in many shades and sizes, and we're in full support of helping you find your new prized possession.

To kick off the new year -- and a new decade, at that -- we took a look back into our archives to uncover the most popular items on SidelineSwap from 2019. Check it out.

1. Florida Everblades Pro Stock Game Socks


Number of favorites: 169
Status: Available!
Asking Price: $17

2. Bobrovsky Pro Return CCM Pro 4 Pads


Number of favorites: 144
Status: Sold 👋

3. CCM Dryland Tiles


Number of favorites: 137
Status: Available
Asking Price: $80

No ice time on the horizon? No problem. One of the most popular items on our site is a set of Dryland Tiles. You can quickly assembly this mini practice space in your garage, so you can get in reps after hours and work on your shot whenever you want.

4. CCM FT2 JetSpeed Team Pro Stock Sticks


Number of favorites: 131
Status: Available!
Asking Price: $145

When people see pro stock, they come runnin'. This listing houses a flock of Pro Stock FT2 JetSpeed twigs in a variety of patterns. Among the curve options still available:

  • P90/P29 (Crosby)
  • P28 (McDavid)
  • P6 heel curve
  • P80 Ovechkin (aka the P88 Kane curve from Bauer)

5. Oakley Pro Stock Short Cut / Extended Cut Visors


Number of favorites: 120
Status: Available!
Asking Price: $45