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How to sell your ski gear and make a quick $1,000

1. Snap good photos — and describe your gear.

The #1 reason people make money on SidelineSwap: they take good photos.

(user: iceisnice)

Use your smartphone to snap a few different angles, and make sure you’re working with good lighting.

In the description, clearly describe the bases, how much edge is left, and whether the skis have been prepped or not. That way, buyers will have all the information they need to pull the trigger. Listing typically takes less than a minute, so don’t skimp on detail.

2. Sell everything. Everything.

Everything is fair game: skis, apparel, tuning equipment, coats, gloves, boots, goggles. That stuff that’s been sitting in your garage for five years? Someone probably wants it.

One user cleared out $1,500 in apparel they didn’t even know they had.

(user: berthoud)

The key: take advantage of peak buying season (October through February), and lock in low fees. You can read more about that here.

3. Shipping is way easier than you think.

The good news: we take care of the hard part. When a buyer purchases your gear, we send you a prepaid label (and when you upload, we recommend dimensions to ensure the label fits).

Pro tip: ask your local ski shop for spare boxes, so you don’t to pay. We’ve also seen users telescope boxes together (combining two into one, like so). And the best way to ensure nothing gets damaged in transit? Stuff the package with paper or air pillows to reduce movement.

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