Lacrosse Goalie Gloves Buying Guide

Any seasoned lacrosse goalie will be quick to tell you the importance of a good pair of gloves in net. If you’re just starting off your search for goalie gloves, it’s best to make sure you’re investing in a high quality, protective pair of mitts. That way, you’ll avoid any excuses for poor play in net and even worse, injuries to the hands or fingers.

Not looking to break the bank on your glove purchase? SidelineSwap’s got you covered. Here is our SidelineSwap lacrosse goalie gloves buying guide to help you get the best pair with ease.

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Goalie gloves may resemble regular lacrosse gloves, but they’re actually quite different. The biggest difference can be seen in the padding of goalie gloves versus that of field player gloves.

Goalie gloves are designed to provide goalies with the maximum amount of protection possible. The thumb, for most goalies, is the most vital area when it comes to padding. Lacrosse goalie gloves today come with the majority of their padding located around and on the sides of the thumb and fingers. The segments of padding on the back of the hand are generally stiffer than normal lacrosse gloves as well.

When it comes to the quality of padding, you get what you pay for. High-end goalie gloves can be expected to come with padding that is more durable, protective, and moisture wicking than cheaper alternatives. Not looking to compromise your fingers’ safety just to save a few bucks? Check out our collection of mitts on SidelineSwap.


Most goalie gloves run along the same sizing guidelines as standard lacrosse gloves. Here’s how most gloves’ sizes shape up:

Lacrosse Glove Sizing Guide

A properly fitted goalie glove, as with any piece of lacrosse gear, should feel snug, but not overbearingly tight on your hands or wrist. While a certain amount of wiggle room is fine for dexterity and comfort purposes, if your gloves feel like they’re about to fall off, you’ll run the risk of an errant shot hitting you in a part of your hand that’s not covered by your gloves.

Finally, check to make sure your palm is fully covered by the palm liner. The start of your liner’s cuff should be sitting over your wrist, not on your palm.

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