Lacrosse Goalie Chest Pad Buying Guide

Any goalie, regardless of how brave or tough he or she may seem, needs a quality chest protector to be able to safely block shots on net. Not looking to take a crankshot off your bare chest? Here are some tips to pick out the best chest padding to ensure you’re protected in net.

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Goalie chest padding is slightly different in construction than your run-of-the-mill chest protector. Unlike conventional padding, goalie chest pads extend lower and wider while offering superior protection in the shoulders, sternum, and collarbone through reinforced padding segments.


The biggest thing to take into account when choosing a chest protector is to make sure your heart and sternum are fully protected. Properly fitted chest pads should feel snug on a goalie’s chest. If your padding moves around when you rotate your upper body, your pads are too big. Additionally, make sure your collarbone, shoulder, and rib padding fits properly.

Your padding, ultimately, should cover everything from your neckline to a few inches below your belly button.

Other tips:

  • Looking for extra protection? Most goalie chest pads today allow additional padding to be attached in the arms, shoulders, and lower stomach.

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