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Lacrosse Face Off Heads

Face off players might have the most specialized demands when it comes to how their stick is set up. Face off heads, consequently, have evolved to suit a wide array of specialities at the face off circle. They’ve become increasingly lightweight and customizable on the offensive end while remaining remarkably stiff and durable to meet the physical demands of the position. Not sure where to start your search? Here’s how our pros shape up the market for FOGO heads today.

1. Nike CEO

While the Nike CEO may have been originally intended for use at attack, it’s quickly become one of, if not the most, popular head at the X. Our pros loved the CEO’s flex points and thin sidewalls, which allow for FOGO’s to maneuver a face off with ease, while also contributing on the offensive end (thanks to the CEO's lightweight and versatile stringing options.) Even better, this is a super cheap head, especially when you find it on SidelineSwap.

2. Under Armour Command X

When it comes to high-tech innovation, Under Armour's work with the Command head line is right up there at the top. The second series of the Command model has picked up right where it left off with asymmetrical sidewall and increased face shape retention added into the mix. Under Amour’s Glide Scoop technology has also come a long way over the last several years. With a perfectly rounded scoop, you’ll be good to go when it comes to ground balls at the faceoff circle.

3. STX Duel

The STX Duel was specifically designed with face off use in mind by the guys at STX. The bottom section of the head is super rugged, designed to put up with the abuse that FOGO’s go through during a faceoff, while the top of the head is super flexible for scooping ground balls. Additionally, the Duel’s throat portion of the head is as minimal as you’ll find, which allows for great clamp control during faceoffs.

4. Brine Dictator

It took awhile, but Brine finally decided to release a face off head of their own, and boy did they kill it. The Dictator is one of -- if not the most -- flexible heads on the market today, but it's stiff enough to consistently rely on. If pros like Jerry Ragonese of the New York Lizards are using it at the MLL level, then you know it’s got to be good.

5. StringKing Mark 2F

If you’re just getting into the FOGO game, it’s worth looking into the Mark 2F by StringKing. It’s got a nice scoop, is durable enough to not warp after your first game, and even comes with a nice pre-strung pocket if that’s your style.

6. Warrior Noz 2X

If you’re a fan of lightweight construction, go no further than the Noz 2X. Weighing in at an outstanding 4.3 ounces, the head is not only super light, but surprisingly customizable through its ample amount of sidewall holes. To really get the most out of this head though, our pros found that you’ll need a top-notch string job if you’re looking to use it consistently on the offensive end.

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