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Lacrosse Arm Pads Buying Guide

Anyone who’s ever taken a slash check off their arm before knows how important a good pair of arm pads are. Today, there are three primary styles of arm padding available for men’s lacrosse players. Each style of padding offers certain benefits and drawbacks that any prospective buyer should consider. Here are some tips to help you navigate the arm pad market today.

What We Cover:

Types of Arm Guards

Arm guards come in three distinct styles: full-length arm pads, mid-length arm pads, or elbow pads.

Full-Length Arm Guards

Full-length arm guards offer players maximum protection from the upper bicep to the upper portion of the wrist. They usually consist of a hard-shell, plastic exterior and a soft interior liner. A pair of these are perfect for attackmen and offensive-minded midfielders who are looking to shield their arms from slashes and checks.

Mid-Length Arm Pads

If a pair of full length arm pads seems a little too cumbersome for you, mid-length arm pads are another good option to consider. With padding from the mid-bicep to mid-forearm, mid-length pads offer significantly more mobility in your arms, but also less protection. If you’re willing to expose a little more of your arm for the sake of mobility, these make for a great choice, especially amongst midfielders and long stick middies.

Elbow Pads

If you don’t mind taking a few slashes off of your arm for the sake of having maximum arm mobility, look no further than a pair of elbow pads. While their minimalistic design only covers player’s elbows, they’re great if you’re looking for a wider range of motion and a lightweight padding alternative. A pair of these are great for any defender, mobile midfielder, or fearless attackman. Just starting out? Stick with something more protective.


While the fit of your arm padding obviously comes down to what style you opt for, there are certain guidelines you should follow to make sure your pads are sized correctly. Not sure what size your arms will be in lax padding? While not every brand follows universal sizing, here’s a general outline of how most arm pads break down.


Once your pads arrive, it’s crucial that you try them on with your gloves and shoulder pads. Your arms should feel snug and secure within the padding once you’ve strapped them on, not like they’re about to fall off when you reach down for your first ground ball or take on your first check.

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