Keeping Inventory Fresh with Bumps, Price Drops, and Sitewide Sales

Thousands of items are listed on SidelineSwap each day, and you may be watching yours go from the first item in browse to page two of browse in a matter of minutes. Luckily, SidelineSwap has options available to sellers to keep their gear relevant and top of mind for buyers. Read on for tips on how to keep buyers’ eyes on your gear.


Bumps are a tried and true method proven to get your gear out the door faster. If you’re not already familiar with bumps, bumping your item pushes it back to the top of browse as if you’d just listed the item that day. Sellers receive one free bump for every 10 items they have listed (10-20 items = 1 bump, 20-30 items = 2 bumps, and so on!), and they’re also purchasable in packs of 1, 10, 50, or 100 from your locker. Here are a few tips on how to best use these bumps to your advantage.

  1. Don’t bump all your inventory at once. Every bumped item brings eyes not only to that listing but also to your locker. You want to strategically space out your bumps so your items maintain their relevancy.
  2. Bump old inventory. It doesn’t make sense to bump items you listed recently, since those are already easier for buyers to find. Instead, you want to bump items that have been sitting in your locker for a while and may not be getting as much attention.
  3. Bump inventory that’s in season. If you’re torn between bumping your baseball glove or hockey skates in the middle of October, bump the skates! Baseball season is coming to an end, but hockey season is just picking up. You want to make gear that buyers are looking for easier to find.

Don't forget to take advantage of the "Private Details" on your item pages. These details show you information not only on your item views, but also the last time you bumped or price-dropped an item. If an item of yours doesn't have many views and you haven't bumped it yet, it's time to give it a boost!


Dropping the price of your item pushes the item back to the top of browse, just as bumping does. The advantage of price-drops, though, is that they’re also a signal to buyers that they’re about to get a great deal. SidelineSwap is full of amazing deals, so seeing gear that’s 10%, 15% or even more discounted might just push a buyer over the edge.

Sitewide Sales

SidelineSwap hosts sitewide sales for most major holidays. These sales are heavily advertised through SidelineSwap’s marketing channels and on the platform and are a huge draw for new and existing buyers. Sellers have the option to list some or all of their items to a sale, but no matter your preference we don’t recommend missing out on this opportunity. Your gear is up against similar gear on the site, so if another seller’s identical hockey skates are part of the sale and yours aren’t, you might just lose that sale.

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Emma is a former swimmer at Hamilton College. Today, she's a Customer Experience Associate at SidelineSwap, working to ensure buyers and sellers have the best experience SidelineSwap can provide.