Introducing the SidelineSwap Ambassadors (Part 2)!

Here is our second installation of our Ambassador introductions! Enjoy reading about their stories and look out for the next post in a few days!

Jesse DeHoyos, JesseDehoyos
Fort Worth, Texas
Age: 17
Favorite Sport: Baseball

Before becoming an Ambassador, I worked with Sideline collaborating with my youtube channel, Just a Lifestyle. I consider myself an entrepreneur, as I have already started my own small business with my youtube channel and my own clothing line. Being an Ambassador has allowed me to strengthen my skills as an entrepreneur and be a solid contributor to the growing brand!

Dan Donahue, OutletLax
Weston, MA

Age: 16
Favorite Sport: Lacrosse

I use SidelineSwap a lot to sell my used/new lacrosse equipment. I am also very well known around the lacrosse community racking up 6,750 followers on Instagram. As an Ambassador, I want to spread the word about SidelineSwap because I see its large potential!

Ben Filo, Benfilo77
Wales, Wisconsin
Age: 18
Favorite Sport: Lacrosse

I've been using the site since December 2015 and am an elite seller. I start playing college lacrosse in the fall where I plan on continuing to expand my business and outreach. I'm a business marketing major and I have a passion for lacrosse, which go hand in hand as when being an SLS Ambassador.

Sam Frishman, Snfrishman
Castle Rock, CO
Age: 18
Favorite Sport: Hockey

I love buying and selling gear. I have been with SidelineSwap for a few years now and love using the site. I know a lot about hockey equipment and my main focus is getting Pro stock gear available to the public for an affordable price unlike some who try to sell way over value. I have enjoyed SLS as a whole and is my favorite place to sell....even more than my own website.

Nick Gamba, SAlax11
Islip, NY
Age: 19
Favorite Sport: Lacrosse

I decided to apply to be an Ambassador because of my work ethic and knowledge of not just lacrosse but all the sports that SidelineSwap represents on it’s website and app. I also have a good social media following that would be perfect for how SidelineSwap wants to grow their brand as much of my social media following are athletes and former athletes.I would then tell them how it is an interface and community connecting those very athletes where you can create strong relationships with others and even make new friends. SidelineSwap is a brand that can grow relationships through sports whether it is buying or selling equipment or apparel or the unique trading aspect on SidelineSwap where users can trade items that they may not want anymore for anitem they will utilize more. SidelineSwap is more than just a website it is a community that is growing everyday.

Harrison Garrett, Hgarrett18
Charlotte, NC
Age: 19
Favorite Sport: Lacrosse

I have been using SidelineSwap faithfully since July 2012, and I can say that it is one of the few things that have remained constant in my everyday actions. When I first started out I had about $100 in gear listed in my locker, but over the years of trading and selling, I have managed to create a collection that is one of the largest on the site. It amazes me how much the site has changed since I joined five years ago, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds in store. Despite growing up in the South, I have always had a lacrosse stick in my hands, as my dad grew up in Baltimore and played lacrosse through college. I have played competitively for over 14 years, and I have formed connections with players across the country.

Shawn Giles, MyBuddyGilesy
Brampton, Ontario
Age: 33
Favorite Sport: Hockey

I've got the business acumen and sales experience from working in retail and outside direct sales. As a Canadian, I'm so excited to help grow your business North of the border--in one of the worlds largest hockey markets!

Robert Gunning, Rcglax
Merritt Island, FL
Age: 15
Favorite Sport: Lacrosse

Since joining the website a while ago, I've become very familiar with how it works and the buying/selling process. I'm constantly on the website and trying to help other friends that want to post about really anything that I'm capable of doing. As an Ambassador, I'm on really any side of the company as I try and post almost every day on my Instagram and would be happy helping the company with that.

Hunter Hook, hjhook
Lynchburg, VA
Age: 23
Favorite Sport: Lacrosse

I'm so excited member of the SidelineSwap Ambassador family! With my sales so far on SidelineSwap, I started with 400 dollars from grade money from my grandparents, and have grown it into a business worth 10x the amount, to about 4000 dollars in just four months. I am personable and easy to work with, goal-oriented and have graduated college with a degree in Special Education, and teaching licensure in the State of Virginia with certification in Elementary Education and Special Education. I can't wait to grow the vision and grow SidelineSwap!

Raymond Humphrey, cinkath
Baltimore, MA
Age: 59
Favorite Sport: Lacrosse

I was a two-time Maryland State Water Ski Champion, 10 year youth league baseball coach for Pony affiliated organization, 2 year Glen Burnie High School lacrosse coach, and currently a Youth Development Director for Benfield Sportscenter, Millersville, MD. I am involved in multiple sports on a daily basis and I have contact with many high school and college athletes. I love SidelineSwap and look forward to helping the company grow!