Introducing the SidelineSwap Ambassadors (Part 1)!

In July, we launched the SidelineSwap Ambassador Program and it's off to a great start. After receiving nearly a thousand applications and interviewing hundreds of great candidates, we're excited to introduce you to the first class of Ambassadors. Our ambassadors play a wide-range of sports, represent 21 states (and two countries!), and collectively have sold over 2,000 items on SidelineSwap.

An Ambassador's job is to help more people in their community sell their sports gear. They receive training, swag, marketing material, and earn cash by promoting the SidelineSwap brand.

If you're interested in applying for our next class, you can do so here.

Over the next couple days, we'll introduce the ambassadors (from A -Z) starting with the first 8:

Will Barlow,
Louisville, KY
Age: 16
Favorite Sport: Lacrosse

Lacrosse is my passion and I have loved it since I began playing in 6th grade. I am always looking for ways to expand my own stringing business and always glad to support SidelineSwap. I have used this site for a while now and it has helped me sell products in no time!

Mike Bender,
Lehigh Valley, PA
Age: 25
Favorite Sport: Lacrosse

I played lacrosse all my life and am passionate about giving back to the sport as much as possible. After graduating from the University of Maryland where I competed in two Division 1 National Championships, I currently manage a lacrosse club outside Philadelphia. I also coach internationally which has given me exposure to the grow of the game in other countries. Check out my locker anytime only at SidelineSwap!

Maddy Birch,
Skillman, NJ
Age: 16
Favorite Sport: Lacrosse

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always been interested in gear. Since then I’ve gained so much knowledge about brands, models, prices of sports equipment, especially in hockey. I have also always loved sports for as long as I can remember and I have always been passionate about the ones I play. I would love to spread the games I love with the rest of the world and help encourage more people to try not only the sports that I have been playing since I was a kid, but all sports. I'm so excited to be part of such a great community with the other Ambassadors!

Thomas Bush,
Stafford, VA
Age: 17
Favorite Sport: Lacrosse

I absolutely love sports. I play multiple sports, I am active on SidelineSwap, and I am a great communicator. I understand the challengers of spreading awareness over a social media pages and can help grow SidelineSwap over multiple platforms. I love that I have the the opportunity to help a company that has helped me grow!

Andrew Butler,
Happauge, NY
Age: 22
Favorite Sport: Lacrosse

I love to play sports and know a great deal about gear. I play a little of everything but really love hockey and lacrosse. I started using Sidelineswap a little over a year ago and have already made over 60 sales and love the ease of use of the website. Sidelineswap is my go to website for purchasing and selling gear and I am on the website almost all day everyday to snag the best deals I can.

Tyler Cerankowski,
Aliquippa, PA
Age: 17
Favorite Sport: Hockey

One of my favorite things about SidelineSwap is the athlete-to-athlete buying and selling experience. I think great service with people is what attracts others to companies. If someone enters a situation they are not familiar with and comes in contact with a very friendly person and therefore feels welcomed then they will be more willing to come back and tell others about the service. I have told many people about the SLS app and got a lot of my friends interested in using it. Being welcoming and informative is what I do to make SidelineSwap as great as it can be.

Hunter Connellan,
Sea Girt, NJ
Age: 17
Favorite Sport: Lacrosse

I come from an area where almost everyone plays numerous sports and I go to a school where almost every kid plays a sport. I myself play lacrosse and golf and as an Ambassador, I've talked to many people that are willing to get rid of equipment and love that idea of making some money off it. I love dedicating my time to reaching out to as many people as possible and selling as much as I can so SidelineSwap can become bigger then it already is!

Adam Costa,
Mineapolis, MN
Age: 15
Favorite Sport: Lacrosse

I decided to apply to be an Ambassador because I know my way very well around SidelineSwap, I'm business-minded, and I can be dedicated to growing the game. I am from Minnesota where snowboarding and lacrosse are both growing exponentially in interest. I am an upcoming junior in high school and have interest in economics in college and as a career. This ambassador position is a great way to experience real-world business as well as help grow lacrosse and/or snowboarding in Minnesota.”