Introducing Pop-up Trade-in Events by SidelineSwap

We’re combining the power of SidelineSwap’s marketplace and technology with our robust network of resellers to build trade-in experiences anytime, anywhere.


This July we’re hosting the first in a series of Pop-up Trade-in Events powered by SidelineSwap. Our first event is at Perani’s Hockey World in Livonia, Michigan from Thursday July 14 through Saturday July 17. Perani’s customers can trade in their old gear for Perani’s store credit, plus they'll receive a 15% bonus credit on their trade-in value during the event.

At the event we’re accepting trade-ins on all types of gear, from hockey equipment to golf clubs to treadmills and weights. All sports gear is eligible as long as it’s purchased in the last 5 years, was originally purchased for more than $100, and is still in good condition. At the event our experts will review the inventory and provide a trade-in quote before you receive your credit. Items that were not accepted can be listed directly on SidelineSwap or donated to local programs.

Through extensive market research, we’ve learned that most sporting goods customers have never traded in their gear or resold directly online. In most cases, gear sits in a garage or closet after a season or two and collects dust when it still has value. These events, and programs like them, will help us introduce more customers to resale by meeting them where they shop and grow the overall market as a result.

Pop-up events are staffed by sellers on SidelineSwap. All gear is purchased by our sellers and will eventually be resold online and in their stores. Alongside these events we’re also introducing our “Preferred Reseller Network”. Preferred Resellers in the network will have access to future events and our new Trade-in Tool software that streamlines the experience from in-take, to pricing, to payments, to listing on SidelineSwap and adding the inventory to their point of sale system. The Trade-in Tool is currently in a closed beta, but will be made available to all of our sellers soon. (Screenshot of the tool below). Sellers interested in learning more about these opportunities can reach out to


As recommerce continues to enter the mainstream, we’ve received a lot of interest from brands and retailers interested in finding ways we can help them add resale to their shopping experience so that they can put cash in their customers pockets and drive more in-line sales. Similar to used cars or golf trade-in programs, it’s becoming increasingly clear that resale and trade-ins will be a part of the sporting goods customers typical shopping lifecycle moving forward.

The interest from these retail and brand partners creates great opportunities for our sellers to buy more used gear. And we’ve realized that with our scale and brand awareness, we can open doors for our sellers that they wouldn't be able to on their own. Pop-up events are the first of many ways we plan to help customers unlock the value of their used gear. We’re excited to work with SidelineSwap sellers, most of whom are always looking for new ways to buy more used inventory, to power these events and help them grow their businesses.

The SidelineSwap platform, our sellers, and our customers win when more sporting goods customers think to resell their gear at the end of the season. And sports are more accessible when customers have more options to save on used gear, or cash in on their old gear. That’s SidelineSwap’s mission, to grow sports while making them more affordable, and we’re proud to be pushing that forward each and every day.

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Brendan is the co-founder and CEO of SidelineSwap. He's a former college lacrosse player and coach, mediocre golfer, and sometimes snowboarder / surfer.
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