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How To Tape a Hockey Goalie Stick

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Things You’ll Need

  1. A stick
  2. Hockey Tape (any poly/cotton blend)
  3. Scissors
  4. Stick wax, surf wax, or old candle wax

How to Tape the Blade

Any good tape job begins with an ample amount of tape at your side. Start off around an inch from the toe of your blade, wrapping your tape firmly around the blade, without creases or bubbles, and overlapping your previous layer of tape by no more than a quarter inch or so. Grab your scissors and cut off your tape once you’re roughly an inch from the heel and wrap it around the top of your blade so that it's firmly in place.

Taping, ultimately, all comes down to personal preference. Guys like Patrick Roy like to tape most of their blade and leave a strip above the heel. Others, like Frederik Andersen, only tape about ⅔ of their blade. At the end of the day, the best tape job is the one that works best for you, even if that means getting a few chirps along the way.

How to Tape the Butt

Most goalies like to have some form of a knob on the end of their stick. Knobs, or rolls of tape stacked on one another on the top of your stick, play a big role- they help tendies control and maneuver their stick in the net. Some prefer bigger sized knobs, while others, like Carey Price, prefer hardly any knob at all.

Here’s how our pros recommend going about taping the butt of your stick to get a good knob:

  • Using what’s left from your tape roll, tear the tape in half on the roll and begin to wrap tape around the shaft so that it slowly forms a protruding “knob.” From there onwards, it’s all about personal preference. Some players choose bigger knobs than others, some prefer to wrap tape that’s been torn in half around the upper end of their shaft in certain patterns, and others prefer no tape at all.

Other Tips

  • Looking for extra control up top on your stick? Many players choose to take a foot or more of tape and twist it into a rope which they use as a base layer underneath their primary tape job.
  • Nervous about a broken or chipped shaft? Throw a few strips of tape down low by the heel of your shaft for increased protection.
  • After you finish your tape job, grab some wax (Stick wax, surf wax, or old candle wax) and use it to flatten/compress your tape. You can also use a puck to achieve the same effect.
  • If you want a faster release off your blade, wrap toe-to-heel. If you want more spin, wrap heel-to-toe.

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