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How To Size Hockey Goalie Skates

Goalie Skate Sizing Guide

In the market for a pair of hockey goalie skates? To figure out what size you should buy, we recommend using your shoe size as the first point of reference. If you’re looking at Senior skates, take 1 ½ sizes off of your shoe size. If you’re looking at Junior or Youth models, go for a pair of skates that is one size smaller.

Skate widths are represented through the following letters: D, C, R, E, EE. A “D” width skate is a standard width skate. The other widths are as follows:

  • C is narrow
  • R is wider than D
  • E is wider than R
  • EE is the widest width

If you’re not sure where you fit in between sizes, keep in mind that the difference between these sizes is around 2/10 of an inch. If you’re stuffing your foot into a skate that looks like it’s about to burst at the seams, it's time to invest in a larger size. A well-fitted skate is one that, when laced up with your game socks, securely holds your heel in place and leaves just enough room so that your toes aren’t scrunched against the toe cap.

Still not sure if your skates are fitting properly? Here is an easy DIY test:

  • Put your skates on and lace them up tightly.
  • Lean forward and bend your knees (like you are in a solid hockey stance).
  • Now, reach back to the heel of your skate. If you can fit more than one finger between your heel, then the skate is not locking your ankle or heel into place and the fit is not suitable for you.
  • For children who are still growing, a one-finger gap is fine; if you are an adult who is no longer growing, you can go for a fit that’s a little more snug.

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