How To Size Hockey Goalie Pads

If you’re thinking of stepping foot in net, you’d be crazy not to make sure your padding fits correctly. Here are some key sizing measurements to take into account before buying your next pair of goalie pads to ensure you’re good to go in net.

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Chest and Arm Pads:

Height and arm span are the two most important metrics behind finding the right pair of chest and arm pads. First, stretch your arms out to the sides as far as you can. Next, try to find someone to measure the distance from your left middle finger to right. This will give you an approximate idea of how long your wingspan is.

Here’s a chart to consult:


Once your pads have arrived, it’s important to ensure that you have the right fit. Your arm protectors should cover your arms from shoulder to wrist, stopping right before the openings from your glove. Your chest should be fully covered, in addition to your shoulders, abdomen and kidneys.

Front and side protection is the name of the game. A proper set of pads will cover your shoulder blades and the middle of your back. Once those are covered, you’re good to go.

Leg Pads:

Sizing up goalie pads comes down to three key measurements you can take at home.

  1. Your hockey skate size.
  2. Your ankle to knee measurement (inches).
  3. Your knee to mid-thigh measurement (inches).

Add these three measurements up and you should have a ballpark idea of where to start your search. Always remember: not every manufacturer follows universal sizing. It’s always a good idea to consult your seller on SidelineSwap beforehand to get a better idea of the fit, sizing, etc.

Once your leg pads have arrived, make sure to try them on with your skates and pants before taking the ice. Your leg pads should extend to your mid-to-upper thigh while your knee should feel securely centered within the knee roll, both when you’re standing and when you’re sitting. While more versed goalies may rock leg pads that fall lower or higher than advised, if you’re not strapping up for the big leagues, stick with these standard guidelines.

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