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How to Ship a Lacrosse Goalie Stick

When an item sells on SidelineSwap, the seller receives a prepaid shipping label. So all the seller needs to do is print, pack and ship.

Materials You Need to Ship a Lacrosse Goalie Stick:

  • Packing tape
  • Two boxes: one long, rectangular box for the shaft; a shorter rectangular box for the head
  • Tape measure

How To Package:

  • Assemble the longer box - secure one end with at least 3 layers of tape, and leave the other end open
  • Secure the creases of the box with plenty of tape
  • If you want extra protection, fill the ends of the box with crumpled newspaper to ensure the stick is not touching the end of the box; you can also bubble wrap the stick
  • Place the shaft into the longer box so that the head is poking out from the top
  • Place the smaller box over the head
  • Tape up the opening between the two boxes

Other tips

  • A new box is stronger than a used one, but if you want to go with used, you can ship your items using whatever box you can find around the house
  • Go to your local pro shop to ask if they have any old boxes they're no longer using
  • If you're using an old box, be sure to remove any old labels
  • Use the smallest box possible to securely ship your item
  • If you use USPS priority mail, the boxes will be free!