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How to properly fit a lacrosse helmet

In the physical game of lacrosse, the helmet is your most important piece of equipment. And a helmet is only useful it it fits properly. If your helmet fits poorly, it not only puts you at serious risk of getting hurt, it also runs the risk of catching some serious flak from your teammates.


  • Select the correct size helmet (see chart below).
  • To prep, start with the two top straps buckled to your helmet and the two bottom buckles undone.
  • Next, place the helmet onto the head by first placing the back of the helmet on the back of the head. Then pull the front of the helmet downward. The helmet should rest roughly ½” - 1” above the eye brow line on the forehead. Make sure the visor sits low like a baseball cap but not too low in interfere with visibility. You should be looking through the top two bars.
  • Last, it's time to adjust your chin strap. Hold the chin cup directly on the chin and remove the slack from the chin strap. This may be difficult to do by yourself so ask for assistance. The straps should follow your jaw line and be equal length from chin when buckled on each side.


  • Look through the 2nd (or 3rd) set of bars
    Courtesy of @2ndBarSyndrome
  • If the helmet is pushing inwards on the head at any area, just to make sure you have the right size or if you need to adjust the sizing.
  • If the helmet easily slides downward or backward then again try and adjust the helmet sizing.

That's it! As my high school coach used to say, "lock and load" you're ready to hit the field.

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